All about Kathy Musgraves wrestling, long-sleeved wedding dresses

Kathy Maasgrave last week dressed his fiancee Ruston Kelly wearing the perfect Bohemian wedding dress to match their magical outdoor rituals.

From the Berta Winter 2017 Fall series of national singers wearing a white loose white lace dress, with V-neck, open back and long side lace.

This dress comes from Berta’s 2017 autumn and winter series, and hand-made lace inlaid in a decorative color layer, embroidered embroidery here.

She used a traditional white veil, floral bouquets and large earrings to keep a simple design, nothing else. She actually stepped on high heels, barefoot walkway.

The couple held a ceremony in Tennessee in a “holy place where the two rivers met.” Musgraves wrote in Instagram: “I have never had such a calm and happy.” We made each other under the tree with our promises, and then drank at night to dance. Without the help of our beautiful family and good friends, we can not do anything. ”

She keeps her hair style succinct and elegant, Long Gown Dress black lines are worn and relaxed in style.

Her bride chose a velvet forest green tuxedo jacket for the wedding, which he called the “best day” of his life. He wrote in Instagram: “The best magic”.

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