Chasing kites: People of all ages can find family fun at Coyner Springs

Even Mary Poppins said that her magical word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” could not produce a perfect day than Mother Nature, and that Saturday brought Waynesboro’s Coyner Springs Park to the annual Kite Fly event.

“After the rain this month, I woke up and saw how beautiful it was, so I said let us do something outside,” Jenny Hale, with her family, said with a smile.

Organized by the Waynesboro Park and Entertainment Center, people from all over Virginia gathered here for a happy day, as the spirits soared from the sun, the soft wind, and the clear blue sky reflected the colorful kites.

“I feel like a child here,” Amber Bower said excitedly.

She took her 9-year-old smiling son, Jesse, who tried to launch his new bird-shaped kite.

“I have never let go of a kite before,” he said with a warm smile. “This is my first time, so I tried to put it in the air.”

Actor Dick Van Dyke sang “Let’s go fly a kite” Mary Pops movie suggests that Donald Jacobs, who participated in the event in Floyd County, grinned. “In addition, You can also say that flying a kite, what about you?”

For those who haven’t taken it, Waynesboro Parks and Recreation offers free kites.

Anissa Kindig, 5, dressed in a butterfly costume, happily flies over the green fields, her white kite with an orange tail.

“It’s fun,” she said. “It’s in the air because I run fast!”

Special event and project coordinator Stephanie Seltzer is happy to see a large group of people.

“In parks and entertainment, we encourage people to be outdoors as much as possible, and we want to give them opportunities through games. It’s good,” Seltzer said. “There are many studies that show that spending time outdoors can help you refocus and regroup. This is an emotional booster looking at green plants, plants and open spaces.”

Sam Hale agreed.

“With my family, outside, away from the screen, cell phone and TV, it’s good to spend time with each other,” he said.

Angela Hunter participated in the event with her husband and her 6-year-old daughter.

“Everyone is so nervous at home, parents are working,” she said. “Going out is good.”

“Breathing fresh air, it’s exciting in nature,” says Joan Marriott, who, along with her son Dominick, is raising funds for fundraising.

Mike Klaiber, who has been flying kites since childhood, drove from Bedford to Waynesboro to fly kites at Coyner Springs Park.

“I like to relax,” he said. “My wife is disabled, so there is a lot of pressure in my life now.”

Although the kite flying festival is usually held in the spring, Parks and Recreation Stephanie Seltzer said they are holding in the fall, hoping to have more people to participate.

“It’s not too late to fly a kite with the wind,” says Selzer. “It’s only in the spring, it needs to sit in the closet.” The kites we issued are durable, so people can take them home and take them with them. The children go to the park and can use it all day. ”

In addition to kite flying, there are other family-friendly activities, including hay rides, apple slings and face painting.

“We want people to realize what is right in front of them, to have fun in front of them, and to spend anything to have fun,” said entertainment director Susan Roberts. “The environment is relaxing and people are returning to nature. What is more interesting than flying a colorful kite?”

“Kite flying, I am very happy!” Peyton Miller, 6 years old, said wearing a purple and green flower skirt, flying over her pink kite as a monarch butterfly.

When Mike Klaiber looked at the entire venue and saw the joy on people’s faces, he was full of peace.

“What kids or adults don’t like flying kites?” he asked. “Smile, that’s what it means.”

At the Montblanc M Red conference, Alison Williams cuts an elegant figure on a floral skirt

For me, the great style is about cool and interesting contrasts. The F&F AW18 series of skirts and dresses offer a fashion-forward piece that I know will add a little difference to my wardrobe.

My wish list is this chic animal print skirt. The leopard print has a traditional sexy and rock style, but by redesigning it into the shape of a mid-length pleated skirt, F&F adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to this pattern. If you think you can’t wear animal prints to work, think again. This stunning skirt is paired with a refreshing white shirt and fine heels.

The pencil skirt is recovering, and the F&F works very well because it will be very feminine fit and cheeks. I like the simplicity and effectiveness of the four buttons as design details. It adds a personality and freshness to the piece.

I would rather wear flowers in the winter than in the summer because it doesn’t feel so obvious. In addition, I like the simple, moody pattern that shows seasonal changes. This F&F floral dress is one of my favorites. The high neck and long sleeves are elegant, but because the fabric is pure, the dark color won’t make you feel depressed. The beautiful golden flowers add a touch of glamour to the dress, making it the ideal piece to wear in the middle of the year with the party season. This is a perfect dinner desk.

The long dress is the mainstay in my closet. They are perfect when I can’t face a dress that is squeezed or fitted with denim. Put on my shirt, I can relax and breathe! Wearing a pair of tights and thick boots, this is a laid-back look, but it never seems to be thrown. The two-layered detail of this F&F robes gives the piece some shape without losing the fluidity associated with our coat. The heritage check made this season feel very good, but the wonderful thing about checking is that they look great every fall.

Freeze in time! Alex Nation shows off her pruning needle on a thigh-striped floral mini dress in Melbourne, showing the results of her botulinum toxin transformation

She recently received a botulinum toxin injection to eliminate wrinkles and “defining her jaw line.”

When attending the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Bubble Conference in Melbourne on Thursday, Alex Nat showed off her transformation.

The 27-year-old woman showed her trimmed needle in a floral dress with a thigh fold, as she led the VIP to the exclusive carnival.

In the star-studded activities, she took pictures of herself and expressed her confidence.

She wore blue sandals and high heels and a pink, light red crossbody bag.

Alex’s elf-style hairstyle is neatly designed and smooth on a messy side.

Her makeup consists of foundation, smoky eyes and lavender lips.

Also attending is Francoise Draschler of Love Island Australia, who cuts a stylish figure in a sexy dress.

The 28-year-old man wears a strapless green dress with bare pins.

She finished her look with brown suede pumps, exquisite gold bracelets and rings, fashion tassel earrings and a mini black messenger bag.

For makeup, she chose a simple look, defined eyebrows, fluttering eyelashes, subtle peach cheeks and bare lips.

This season’s five-star Simone Ormesher, 26, also participated in the event in a playful black wrap dress.

She clung to her clothes to stop the wind from blowing over the skirt, causing the wardrobe to malfunction.

The Manchester-born stunner raised her appearance with a pair of black platformed high heels, highlighting her bodybuilding stems.

Instagram star and model Kurt Coleman also wears bold black and gold suits and stylish yellow tones to add luster to the red carpet.

He exposed his chest and gold chain under a suit jacket, and he wore a shirt without a shirt.

The feeling of social media combined with the 7/8 trousers showed his exquisite ankles and matching pants with shoes.

When she walked out of New York, Kerry Washington wore a chic black dress with blue floral print sleeves.

She has an amazing look at style and often stands out on the red carpet.

On Wednesday, when Kerry Washington went out in New York City and promoted her new play “American Son,” she made another high-profile fashion.

The 41-year-old actress wore a black sequined dress and wore summer blue floral print sleeves to the question and answer session of the era.

Kerry’s sequined black dress flows through her incredible physique and falls above her ankle.

The scandal actress wore black lace-up ankle boots to make her look more avant-garde.

Kerry is a photo of her black hairy fashion and straight structural charm that makes up her stunning complexion.

The actress reveals her natural and beautiful facial features with pale pink lipstick, mascara and faint silver eyeshadow.

This is just the latest headwear that Kerry recently wore.

Kerry has been busy promoting the new Broadway show directed by American son Tony Award winner Kenny Leone.

The American Son’s running time is only six weeks, and the preview time is October 6th and November 4th.

The online summary writes, ‘The Florida Police Department is in the middle of the night. Two parents are looking for an answer.

‘Kerry and Steven Pasquale (American crime story, rubbish), Eugene Lee (Marine Gems) and Jeremy Jordan (Super Girl, “News”) return to the Broadway stage, Played the new drama “AMERICAN SON”.

“It marks the premiere of the playwright Christopher Demos-Brown’s Broadway and is directed by Tony Award winner Kenny Leon (the raisins under the sun, the fence), the American children’s song about us as a country, And how we deal with a painful story of family relationships, love, loss and identity.”

After the end of the American son, Kerry also has a new program.

In August, she was revealed to be the starring and producer of the Hulu streaming media series Old City Blues.

Irish blog Grace Mongey emerges in the River Island floral dress

When it comes to fashion, there are no better people than bloggers.

Not only did they get some parts before they went public, but they also told us how to design them.
Grace Mongey is an Alice blogger whose style is cheap.

Dubliner recently wore a fabulous River Island dress, and we loved it.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of the dress and her style.

The black ornate floral dress is perfect for winter – it is dark, but the bright flowers add some life to the look.

Grace gave her a more personal look and added a white belt to make the dress brighter.

She added a pair of pointed black ankle boots to give her some height – a great tip for any dress lovers!

This dress has black to choose from, but it also has a red pattern and a spotted blush pink style.

For just 60 euros, this dress is absolutely cheap because you can wear it to work, lunch, and even go out at night.

To work, use a black belt and black boots to stay stylish, just like Grace’s.

For a night out, jazz with a metal belt and black high heels, you can even add a pair of gold ring earrings.

Pick factory dresses at stores across Ireland, or you can buy them online. When Grace took her picture, she was about to go to the wedding show.
The blogger was very happy when the blogger announced that her love Chris Gainon was kneeling and asked her to be his wife.

This is an exciting new chapter in their lives, just after they welcomed their daughter Sienna to the world two years later.

When shooting Instagram, she shared a photo of Chris’s moment on his knees in his father’s favorite place, and their beautiful little girls were part of an important moment.

She wrote: “He took me to my father’s favorite place, kneeling down, let me marry him!

“In fact, I can’t believe it, still shaking!

“I am the happiest girl now, I love you very much, thank you for making my dreams come true and therefore so thoughtful.”

Olivia Wilde looks radiant in a white floral dress at the Life Selfself press conference

On Friday, the new movie “Life itself” was released across the United States.

In the director, when the leader Ms. Olivia Wilde met with reporters at the press conference of the new drama in Los Angeles, she was radiant.

The 39-year-old actress wore a white floral dress that showed her curvy and curved body.

The Alpha Dog star is perfectly matched with the summer, with a pair of rose high heels and a stylish oval gold wallet.

Her shoulder-length gold bun has a simple wave and bounce design with a part in the middle.

Despite an impeccable ensemble, Olivia’s soothing energy and bright smile are most prominent when she interacts with the press.

Life itself is written and directed by Dan Fogleman. He is best known for his work in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and the hit TV series “This Is Us”.

His latest efforts on the complexity of relationships have followed many generations of couples and focused on how they relate to each other through a single event.

Wilde, 39, and Oscar Issac, 34, play sweethearts.

“As a young couple from a college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the repercussions of unexpected twists and turns on their journey reverberate throughout the continent and throughout their life cycle,” IMDB wrote.

Multi-generational stories take place in New York City and Carmona, Spain, with international casts, including Mandy Patinkin, Olivia Cook, Laia Costa, Annette Benning and Antonio Banderas.

Life itself was released in the US theater on September 21 and will be released in the UK in January 2019, including the cinema and Sky Cinema.

Katie Holmes introduces red ribbons to Hollywood when she joins Naomi Watts at the Harry Winston event in New York

She had a rare outing in Atlanta in Atlanta and her 50-year-old boyfriend Jamie Foxx on Tuesday.

But Katie Holmes, 39, attended the New York collection hosted by Harry Winston in New York City on Thursday in the Rainbow Room, all of which are striking.

The mother’s silky short-sleeved red dress looks incredible, while wearing a 50’s texture hairstyle, because she took pictures on the red carpet.

Although Katie’s accessories are kept to a minimum, her necklace is very prominent in her ensemble, fully emphasizing the actress’s collarbone, while adding a light to her stylish look.

The star of Batman Begins shocked her outfit by adding a pair of colored high heels with straps tied to her ankles.

Katie does not seem to be the only actress who seems to make a fashion statement with their ensemble.

The 39-year-old joined Naomi Watts and his dress selection was similar.

Watts wore an elegant one-piece flower dress in her 5-foot-5-inch frame while drawing attention to her belt, her waist carefully highlighting her waist and highlighting her shape.

Unlike Holmes, Naomi chose a wave lock that seemed to be related to her overall outfit.

Despite recent recent comments about her and Jamie Fox’s photo leaving the Internet, Katie refused to admit it with her boyfriend earlier this week.

Since the first meeting in 2013, the couple have been very private about their love life.

In the past, Django Unchained actors and 39-year-old actors quickly denied reports that they had quietly met each other.

Of course, this is not the first time Katie and Jamie have taken a photo together.

In August, the duo was packed with PDAs during their visit to Malibu.

Similarly, Holmes declined to comment on her relationship with Foxx.

A person familiar with the matter told people that Katie and Jamie are still taking pictures together.

“Everyone knows they are dating, but they still want to keep it secret.”

Not surprisingly, the 50-year-old Oscar winner did not participate in the Winston event to support his girlfriend.

Emmy Fashion Trailer: Stars, Designers and Political Pins

“Hollywood Report” looks forward to the big fashion moments of stars like Claire Foy, Viola Davis and Yala Shahidi on the red carpet.

The Emmy Awards are not just the biggest nights on TV; they are one of the biggest events in fashion and Hollywood. At 8 pm ET / PT on Monday night, the star of the TV will wear a series of designer dresses and tuxedos on the red carpet.

The boos of women is that after the blackouts in the last season to protest against gender inequality and show solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, the vivid colors will be restored. New political issues and slogans may be voting. At New York Fashion Week, designers and stylists pinned the black and white “I am a voter” pin on their lapels and bags. The Civic Culture Alliance, a group of media and entertainment companies, aims to encourage participation in opinion polls in November and beyond.

Last year, the highlights of the Emmy Red Carpet included Proenza Schouler’s Laura Dern, Rosie Assoulin’s Tessa Thompson and Calvin Klein’s Nicole Kidman. This year we heard that at least one star will rekindle the unworn appearance of the red carpet on the previous season, and American designers who often shine at the domestic awards ceremony will once again become the focus of attention. However, don’t count on Virgil Abloh’s rookie Louis Vuitton men’s look, or Kim Jones’ new Dior Homme men’s wear.

There are 12 actors and actresses worthy of attention here. Designed by Ilaria Urbinati, although he wears Dhan Homme this week as Rihanna’s diamond ball, Donald Glover It seems to be a lock on Gucci. He played a series of Gucci tuxedos and sweaters while promoting his music as Childish Gambino and his FX at Atlanta (his director, writing and performance nomination). Major TV women, including Elisabeth Moss, Claire Foy and Issa Rae, are also expected to make their debut again.

Alexa Chung exudes charm in elegant black and white floral dresses while attending the 10th anniversary of the Wall Street Journal.

She is one of the most popular styles in the UK.

Alexa Chung proved that she still got it because she showed her clothing strength at the Wall Street Journal event and celebrated On Point’s Monday publication.

The 34-year-old host has been writing in this magazine for 10 years, wearing a paisley dress in a monochrome floral print that looks effortless.

Wearing a pair of stylish high-heeled boots, wearing a silver front panel, brings a dazzling touch.

Her chocolate brown lock is designed to be wavy, and she wears a natural makeup palette to highlight her beautiful features.

Alexa wore a mismatched nail polish and finished her look with a chic black handbag.

Alexa is no stranger to fashion shows, as a model, designer and fashion icon, but she recently admitted that she often feels that she does not belong to the “impersonation syndrome” when she participates in the performance.

“This is not fashion exclusive, I have already felt everything I have done,” Alexa told BBC News.

“Writing for Vogue, this is a huge imposter syndrome. TV, every day before we go online, I will say, “I have the ability to do this? I do not know”.

Alexa also recently frankly talked about her career prospects with Stella magazine, acknowledging: “I am worried about the future.”

This versatile star did not specify what caused her to exist more, because her career is booming.

Alexa dated Arctic rock singer Alex Turner from 2007 to 2011.

The witty Englishman is also related to Alexander Scarsgard, but she did not disclose her current relationship with Strahl.

However, the star does admit that she does tend to men in the creative industry, as she said: “I found it easier to date people on the same boat.”

Vanessa Hudgens wears a lightweight maxi dress and chunky platform clogs for extended summer

floral semi formal dresses

Vanessa Hudgens is known for her bohemian style and year-round summer style, so it’s not surprising to see her wearing a light California girl with her long-time boyfriend Austin Butler on Sunday in Los Angeles.

“High School Musical” Alum wears a white linen sleeper Brigitte floral print maxidress with rough sleeves and buttons in the middle, thick brown woven leather huarache platform wood cl provided by No. 6. Sold out on, this sandal is priced at $310.

The 29-year-old actress sipped iced coffee and walked hand-in-hand with Butler, who completed her ensemble with Lack of Color’s wide-brimmed straw hat and matching handbag with leather handle. She also has oversized hoop earrings and several bracelets.

At the same time, the 27-year-old actor wore a pure white T-shirt with navy trousers and dark brown leather lace-up boots. He completed the mission with a navy cap.

Huggins shared her costume with her nearly 30 million fans on Instagram. She tagged the post “Sunday Vibes” and tagged each brand she wore.