Alexa Chung exudes charm in elegant black and white floral dresses while attending the 10th anniversary of the Wall Street Journal.

She is one of the most popular styles in the UK.

Alexa Chung proved that she still got it because she showed her clothing strength at the Wall Street Journal event and celebrated On Point’s Monday publication.

The 34-year-old host has been writing in this magazine for 10 years, wearing a paisley dress in a monochrome floral print that looks effortless.

Wearing a pair of stylish high-heeled boots, wearing a silver front panel, brings a dazzling touch.

Her chocolate brown lock is designed to be wavy, and she wears a natural makeup palette to highlight her beautiful features.

Alexa wore a mismatched nail polish and finished her look with a chic black handbag.

Alexa is no stranger to fashion shows, as a model, designer and fashion icon, but she recently admitted that she often feels that she does not belong to the “impersonation syndrome” when she participates in the performance.

“This is not fashion exclusive, I have already felt everything I have done,” Alexa told BBC News.

“Writing for Vogue, this is a huge imposter syndrome. TV, every day before we go online, I will say, “I have the ability to do this? I do not know”.

Alexa also recently frankly talked about her career prospects with Stella magazine, acknowledging: “I am worried about the future.”

This versatile star did not specify what caused her to exist more, because her career is booming.

Alexa dated Arctic rock singer Alex Turner from 2007 to 2011.

The witty Englishman is also related to Alexander Scarsgard, but she did not disclose her current relationship with Strahl.

However, the star does admit that she does tend to men in the creative industry, as she said: “I found it easier to date people on the same boat.”

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