Freeze in time! Alex Nation shows off her pruning needle on a thigh-striped floral mini dress in Melbourne, showing the results of her botulinum toxin transformation

She recently received a botulinum toxin injection to eliminate wrinkles and “defining her jaw line.”

When attending the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Bubble Conference in Melbourne on Thursday, Alex Nat showed off her transformation.

The 27-year-old woman showed her trimmed needle in a floral dress with a thigh fold, as she led the VIP to the exclusive carnival.

In the star-studded activities, she took pictures of herself and expressed her confidence.

She wore blue sandals and high heels and a pink, light red crossbody bag.

Alex’s elf-style hairstyle is neatly designed and smooth on a messy side.

Her makeup consists of foundation, smoky eyes and lavender lips.

Also attending is Francoise Draschler of Love Island Australia, who cuts a stylish figure in a sexy dress.

The 28-year-old man wears a strapless green dress with bare pins.

She finished her look with brown suede pumps, exquisite gold bracelets and rings, fashion tassel earrings and a mini black messenger bag.

For makeup, she chose a simple look, defined eyebrows, fluttering eyelashes, subtle peach cheeks and bare lips.

This season’s five-star Simone Ormesher, 26, also participated in the event in a playful black wrap dress.

She clung to her clothes to stop the wind from blowing over the skirt, causing the wardrobe to malfunction.

The Manchester-born stunner raised her appearance with a pair of black platformed high heels, highlighting her bodybuilding stems.

Instagram star and model Kurt Coleman also wears bold black and gold suits and stylish yellow tones to add luster to the red carpet.

He exposed his chest and gold chain under a suit jacket, and he wore a shirt without a shirt.

The feeling of social media combined with the 7/8 trousers showed his exquisite ankles and matching pants with shoes.

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