Chasing kites: People of all ages can find family fun at Coyner Springs

Even Mary Poppins said that her magical word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” could not produce a perfect day than Mother Nature, and that Saturday brought Waynesboro’s Coyner Springs Park to the annual Kite Fly event.

“After the rain this month, I woke up and saw how beautiful it was, so I said let us do something outside,” Jenny Hale, with her family, said with a smile.

Organized by the Waynesboro Park and Entertainment Center, people from all over Virginia gathered here for a happy day, as the spirits soared from the sun, the soft wind, and the clear blue sky reflected the colorful kites.

“I feel like a child here,” Amber Bower said excitedly.

She took her 9-year-old smiling son, Jesse, who tried to launch his new bird-shaped kite.

“I have never let go of a kite before,” he said with a warm smile. “This is my first time, so I tried to put it in the air.”

Actor Dick Van Dyke sang “Let’s go fly a kite” Mary Pops movie suggests that Donald Jacobs, who participated in the event in Floyd County, grinned. “In addition, You can also say that flying a kite, what about you?”

For those who haven’t taken it, Waynesboro Parks and Recreation offers free kites.

Anissa Kindig, 5, dressed in a butterfly costume, happily flies over the green fields, her white kite with an orange tail.

“It’s fun,” she said. “It’s in the air because I run fast!”

Special event and project coordinator Stephanie Seltzer is happy to see a large group of people.

“In parks and entertainment, we encourage people to be outdoors as much as possible, and we want to give them opportunities through games. It’s good,” Seltzer said. “There are many studies that show that spending time outdoors can help you refocus and regroup. This is an emotional booster looking at green plants, plants and open spaces.”

Sam Hale agreed.

“With my family, outside, away from the screen, cell phone and TV, it’s good to spend time with each other,” he said.

Angela Hunter participated in the event with her husband and her 6-year-old daughter.

“Everyone is so nervous at home, parents are working,” she said. “Going out is good.”

“Breathing fresh air, it’s exciting in nature,” says Joan Marriott, who, along with her son Dominick, is raising funds for fundraising.

Mike Klaiber, who has been flying kites since childhood, drove from Bedford to Waynesboro to fly kites at Coyner Springs Park.

“I like to relax,” he said. “My wife is disabled, so there is a lot of pressure in my life now.”

Although the kite flying festival is usually held in the spring, Parks and Recreation Stephanie Seltzer said they are holding in the fall, hoping to have more people to participate.

“It’s not too late to fly a kite with the wind,” says Selzer. “It’s only in the spring, it needs to sit in the closet.” The kites we issued are durable, so people can take them home and take them with them. The children go to the park and can use it all day. ”

In addition to kite flying, there are other family-friendly activities, including hay rides, apple slings and face painting.

“We want people to realize what is right in front of them, to have fun in front of them, and to spend anything to have fun,” said entertainment director Susan Roberts. “The environment is relaxing and people are returning to nature. What is more interesting than flying a colorful kite?”

“Kite flying, I am very happy!” Peyton Miller, 6 years old, said wearing a purple and green flower skirt, flying over her pink kite as a monarch butterfly.

When Mike Klaiber looked at the entire venue and saw the joy on people’s faces, he was full of peace.

“What kids or adults don’t like flying kites?” he asked. “Smile, that’s what it means.”

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