Miss Universe 2016 thanks Philippine designer for “amazing dress”

The glitzy, glamorous and gossip news of the coronation night of the 66th Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada remains a topic of cyberspace and beyond.

By the end of the night, 92 delegates wore the best robe and waited anxiously for the winner’s announcement. The last girl in Las Vegas was Davana Bennett of Jamaica (a loyalist of a 70’s actress Pam Grier), South Africa’s Dami Lee Neil Peter Sri Lanka (recalling Marissa Canale of Venezuela in 1979) and bubblier Claudia Cardinale of Colombia.

Iris Mittenaere of France is ready to welcome his successor after he was crowned on January 1 in Piazza Alonzo Wurtzbach, Manila. When the beautiful dental student is walking up and down the red Long Gown Dress, every observer is watching him, thinking: Only a Michael Cinco!

This is the volume. This is drama. This is brilliant. Cinco tulle dress shines Swarovski colors, understand.

“I got a phone call from Cosmic Manager Esther Swan and she told me that Iris wanted to wear a haute couture because she fell in love with Pia’s robe,” Cinco chatted on Facebook. “I was really surprised because I thought she would wear a French designer because she was from Paris.”

The safest assumption is that Mittenaere will wear the French master Jean-Paul Gaultier as jury chairman, choose Miss France and become her good friend.

However, she was able to showcase her country’s excellence in fashion when she wore a flawless column dresses and sculpted shoulders details by her compatriot Stephane Rolland on her first appearance earlier.

Dubai-based Cinco went on to say: “I spoke to Marquis Bias and Iris, Miss U, on a conference call and she specifically told me she wanted rub for her robe.We discussed the designs and I sent the sketches to her For her choice. ”

Cinco revealed that Wurtzbach chose Cobalt Blue because that was the color of the dress she got in 2015 (designed by Albert Andrada). This time, Iris wants ruby. This is a different silhouette because she wants mermaid robe from the back of the train. This is very different from Pia’s robe, but it has a unique Michael Cinco trademark. ”

Another difference between the two queen dresses, Cinco notes, is that “Pia’s dress is a linear bead with a pattern, and Iris’s dress is just the glitter of any crystal.” The crystals are crystal beads, all of which are transparent colors. Hindi siya’ung mga crystals na dinidikit “.
Cinco Crystals used on Iris’s dress. Michael Cinco’s photo

Cinco acknowledged that he had always dreamed of seeing the haute couture gowns on the Hollywood red carpet, and the stage like Miss Universe.

“My favorite Miss Universe is Russian girl Osuna Fedorova, who was eliminated in 2002 and is the most beautiful.” When I contacted the Miss Russia organization to make a dress for their candidate Kseniya Alexandrova ,I feel extremely happy. ”

Alexandrova visited Cinco in Dubai a few weeks prior to the Miss Universe event and chose her evening gown. You know what this is, a similar design, Mittenaere is also the final choice. If Alexandrova were wearing a Cinco robe during the preliminaries, she might have a bigger chance of entering the finals.

“I was just a little upset because Miss Russia did not get into the top 16 and was not able to show her dress.I told her to wear a prelims robe as it is so beautiful but the Russian organization wants her to wear an evening dress only in the final Night, “Cinco said.

Cinco told MUO and Miss Russia that Mittenaere and Alexandrova chose the same gown. “The dresses have similar colors and designs, but Russia has a different crystal embroidery treatment and the iris has more ombré.”

It is worth mentioning fans of fashion fans immediately saw Cinco in the Mittenaere corset imprint. Designers of royals, celebrities and oligarchs say: “It was so warm when I got a lot of news from people asking me if I had Elise’s gown on Michael Cinco.” I think the designer’s greatest achievement is that people recognize your style. “

As wedding dress tends to demure, modest wedding to come back again

Designers are dreaming of a new look for the bride to be married next year, with the latest bridal show expressing emerging ideas and previewing the style of the future.

For those almost completely transparent bars, a few strategically placed brides with embroidered or lace embellishments, these brides will feel relieved.

Next year’s major bride trend is clearly more demure, turning to a timeless style. One of the key aspects is long-sleeved robes, and no doubt, such as Miranda Kerr celebrity image, she married in July wearing a long-sleeved Dior wedding dress.

Hitched! Designers such as Bridal St Patrick’s Studios, Limor Rosen and Temperley Bridal interpret this look on their own terms, using lace, embroidery and beading to create fantastic effects and add dramatic billowing sleeves.

The Reem Acra, launched at the Trinity Bridal, complemented by a long sleeved silk Mikado party called “Glamorous”, set the tone for the bride’s new look. Think of fluid fabrics and romantic silhouettes, not the hot, burly robes of recent years.

Designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang at the Central Wedding are also moving in luxurious and luxurious ball gowns, using lighter materials on the skirt, giving a softer, fantastic silhouette and giving the bride more freedom walk around.

The robe with the corset adds a sexy silhouette to the silhouette of a woman, rekindles with designers such as Limor Rosen, in stark contrast to a simple crepe dress, and Vera Wang gives her a brand identity, with Monique Lhuillier Her elegant and romantic style reinterpreted

“This Elizabethan detail adds a retro-style modern style and also offers more support and a bra structure that highlights the curve,” said Caroline Week, a co-founder of Central Wedding.

Obsessed with lace: Central wedding “Yolanda” Qiao Tang to share her precious works

Now that the shawl is already on the outskirts of the wedding dress, it will appear to be a full-fledged design feature appearing in designer studios such as St. Patrick’s Studios while others such as Ines di Santo and Galia Lahav at the Trinity Bride, Flower and Lace applique details a pair of tulle cape.

While the previous cloak may be a complement to the wedding dress, this time it is fully integrated and often made of the same material and attached or sometimes made of different fabrics and can be removed.

“Stained-gauze shawls at St Patrick’s Studios serve as a good substitute for the veil – you get the same, but sleek look,” said Dchedhan Trang, founder of Hitched. bride. “The exterior is actually quite luxurious, the best, it is removable, and you can delete it after the ceremony.”

Details are everything when it comes to bridal gowns and other topics, including the continuation of ribbons, frills and bows that began to emerge last season and to beautify dresses in the latest ways.

Windmill! The bride also appeared oversized details, under the dramatic twinkling effects of designers such as Augusta Jones and David Fielden, while at the same time, Way, let Marchesa girls fashion, the traditional silhouette into a stylish look.

Bodysuit in bridal and fashion crosses is another emerging trend to appeal to brides who want a more relaxed and stylish look than a traditional wedding dress.

“Not everyone is fit to wear a white Long Gown Dress, we always say that wedding should be a personal style upgrade.” Trang said: “Jumpsuit is a suitable choice for brides who dare to be different fashion conscious.

Meanwhile, the latest collection, designed by designer Noel Chu, is inspired by the spring garden, showing a soft, romantic silhouette and flow patterns that appear in international collections. Satin, satin, gauze and other fabrics, with a transparent layer and exquisite embroidery mixed together, each material “reflects the rich texture and morphology, supplemented by detailed lace and hand embellishment,” said.

The bride in Hong Kong can also look forward to having a new design hit the boutiques in the coming months.

Elie Saab Bridal, best known for his luxurious fabrics and decadent embroidery, will become Trinity Bridal’s sole agent, while the wave of Israeli designers continues.

Audella Bridal, one of the first boutiques to introduce Berta, Inbal Dror and Lee Petra Grebenau’s sensual designs, recently added a new collection of Bertas called Muse in a contemporary style with soft tulle skirts, sensual silhouettes and sophisticated lace , Decals and beading details.

The Central Wedding also introduced an Israeli designer named Riki Dalal, who enjoyed an international reputation for her Haute Couture wedding dresses. Designer clothing line Noya will debut in Hong Kong early next year, and has all the design dalal high fashion line certificate.

Earlier this year, the boutique unveiled a similar concept that brought Marchesa’s Notte Bridal collection to Hong Kong, offering trendy robes that are expensive.

Nie Shan, bare burns and luckily escaped the clothes slipped: a back in some of the most obvious ARIA costumes ever

This is the largest night of Australian music, bringing some of the best performers in the country.

In addition to displaying musical genius, the ARIA Awards are also famous for organizing red carpets, where they can hardly be seen.

Ahead of the 31st ARIA on Tuesday night, the Australian Daily Mail reviewed the bite and avoided closet problems.

Sophie Monk: 2016 ARIAs

At last year’s ARIA, an unmarried teenager, Sophie Monk, wore a pure white mini dress to mark her stunning body.

The kit also inadvertently showed the blond bombs, considerable assets, when she posed on the red carpet, Sophie’s right nipple is visible.

But Sophie did not seem to mind how her clothes were revealed, so she put on the Long Gown Dress.

Charli XCX: 2016 ARIAs

Charli XCX led the boom at ARIA last year, wearing a short white dress on the red carpet.

This little dress left the British singer’s buttocks, she photographed posing.

The singer lost his courage, revealing a plump performance, sliding a sleeve over her shoulder.

Jessica Mauboy: 2015 ARIA nomination

In the 2015 ARIA nomination, Jessica put on an unusual denim clothing.

The secret actress threatened to spill from her low-cut dress to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

This weird shoulder gear also includes a bold thigh split to show off Jessica’s legs.

Tina Arena: 2015 ARIAs

In 2015, Tina Arena made headlines where she was selected for the ARIA Hall of Fame for decades of musical career.

But Tina’s glory was not the only thing that got her attention on ARIA. The singer performed a very full showcase with translucent stitching dresses.

The plunging black dress was highly sought after by the audience on social media, and one fan created a Twitter account tinaarenasboobs even after the full show.

Havana Brown: 2016 ARIAs

When Harry Havana Brown, a DJ in the blue literature, appeared in ARIA 2016, there was almost no imaginary thing.

Blonde beauties flaunt her washboard abs and cleavage at the cowardly top, stopping several times on the red carpet to adjust her bra.

Havana is not the first to wear exposed clothes on ARIA, wearing a plunging gown in 2015.

Veronicas: 2014 ARIAs

In 2014, Veronicas heated red carpet in translucent J’Aton Couture dress.

The explicit style flaunts the cleavage and slim frame of Lisa and Jessica Origlasso, with one of the sisters admitting they have given up underwear for gear.

“I’m not, I’m not, hang it all up! Lisa told The Daily Mail Australia.

Also in 2016, Veronicas became one of the most iconic ARIA shows ever made.

In the implementation of “My Blood”, the sisters only wear red flash body paint, bare shoulders.

Matt Okine: ARIA 2014

The first three J’s host, Matt Okine, secured all the eyeballs when they hit the ARIA red carpet in 2014.

In the moment of Maddie Zeigler, Matt boldly wore a tight, nude tights.

The personality of the media even finished his appearance with a golden wig, worn by Maddie on the Sia music video chandelier.

Photographs of Demi Lovato’s wedding dress sparked an avid fanatic: “Who is lucky?

Demi Lovato, a social media queen, shared a photo of her wedding dress on Instagram, sparking fanaticism. I’m sorry, sorry creators see a stunning lace Long Gown Dress and white veil blushing in the photos without adding a caption to fan speculation.

This post has garnered more than 3,399,240 likes from her followers. Most users are scared in the comments section, asking her if she is married and who is lucky. A puzzled user wrote: “Is she married? I am confused,” the other one asked. “Is she really getting married?”

One user said, “What’s going on? Another user said her photo” broke the internet. ”

Some users are even curious about who the groom is. “Who married her?” One Instagram user asked, and the other wrote: “Who is lucky?

While some fans were terrified, others speculated that the shot was probably one of her upcoming music videos because the 25-year-old American singer released her new album in summer.

“I hope this dress is for music videos or something like that because I can not handle Demi married,” one user hopes while another jokingly warns her that “this better music video!”

Married or unmarried social media users call her “the most beautiful fake bride I’ve ever seen.” The Paris Hilton business woman also seems to be revered for the beauty of Lovato and says “gorgeous.”

As early as August, confident confiders revealed that she was very much enjoying her single identity after splitting from MMA fighter Guilherme’Bomba’Vasconcelos.

At the SiriusXM show, she revealed: “I’ve been enjoying an independent life and trying to go through adult life. I’ve always moved from relationship to relationship, with big bucks, or as I’ve always been.

She continued: “This is the first time I’ve dated anyone.” I like, ‘Oh, my god, what should I do? How do I sit alone tonight?

“But I’m learning how to adapt to loneliness, which I think is the most important thing you can do for yourself, especially as a woman – to find your independence.”

Prior to dating fighter jets, Demi had a six-year partnership with NCIS actor Wilmer Valderrama, who quit in 2016.

NET-A-PORTER Releases Exclusive Collections to Women in the Middle East

NET-A-PORTER to turn the wardrobe dreams of the eight most coveted designers in the region on to our Dubai Film Festival a reality, with the launch of the second premium dress designed specifically for Middle Eastern women series.

Some of the most popular international brands, including Erdem, Jason Wu, Jenny Packham, Marchesa, Roksanda and Roland Mouret, include a range of red carpet ready Long Gown Dress and regional tailor icons Elie Saab and Reem Acra.

Reem Acra is handpicked by experts on luxury e-commerce sites to comment on her contribution to collections; “These extraordinary dresses are dedicated to our beautiful Middle Eastern women who have the glamor of high octane. Made of color, with a sophisticated style and calm attitude. ”

With each showcase of the market, designers showcase the magic behind their bespoke look:

Erdem Moralioglu: “I want to create an exclusive evening dress for my NET-A-PORTER customer. The dress is made of black silk jacquard with yellow, blue and ivory motifs of flowers of passion, length The shoulder details give it a simple elegance. ”

Roksanda: “We developed an exclusive version of our dresses for our advanced custom embroidery technology, using an air bag to make elaborate organza bubbles for each piece. None of the pieces are the same, meaning that every piece All are real, bringing lasting elegance to modern craftsmanship. ”

Jason Wu: “I am very happy to partner with Net-A-Porter for evening gags. Real craftsman and fashion tips house code, hand-embroidered gowns are meticulous Swarovski crystals and lavish Italian d’espirt lace, Perfectly fit in. I was inspired by Middle Eastern women – a discerning fashion lover who admired bold luxury, sophistication and charisma.

Jenny Packham: “I am delighted to have created a dress for Net-A-Porter and our Middle Eastern clients. After visiting Dubai, I am pleased to see all the charming women I have done, and I was inspired to create a Unique dress. This look evolved from the best-selling evening style – I like the understated elegance, and the velvet belt adds an instant charm. ”

Roland Mouret: “The gospel of the 12th House is reflected in the romantic Cannes red carpet of the 1950s and Monaco’s romance, an ancient romantic dress with a 21st century attitude, but I want women to take their own The personality was brought to the clothing, which inspired me with confidence, and I wanted the women I designed to walk with confidence and to ensure that they were wearing what was relevant to their life.

Elie Saab: “This floor-length robe is close to the body and is made from tulle, with varying shades of blue and blue as a sea wave effect. Long-sleeved and translucent details add sophistication to the evening.

Co-Founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Marchesa: “Middle Eastern clients are drawn to our more dramatic and seductive work and we are pleased to be working with Net-A- Porter to bring exclusive collection of evening gowns for our clients.This amazing shoulder-length evening dress with a hand-knit skirt is perfect for the glamorous night we know of NET-A-PORTER women.

Louisa Johnson cuts her underwear into her chest at home

Louisa Johnson pushed the boundaries of the traditional split skirt and chose a robe cut to her chest.

TOWIE’s Amber Turner wore a similar crack number on a night in Essex, and her Instagram followers had catastrophic consequences.

X Factor winner attended Global’s Noise Some Night event in London.

Louisa performed the night to raise funds for disadvantaged youth across the UK through global media and entertainment groups.

The tear hitter was shocked because she had almost no photographer dressed.

Luisa black satin Long Gown Dress was thrown in the buttocks, exposing her every inch of adjustment pins.

The cracks are so high that Louisa seems to have retired from her shorts night, with her bronzed legs in the center stage.

If you do not have enough meat, the display collar will be so deep that most of her chest is exposed.

Louisa let her wavy golden tresses covered her chest, providing additional coverage to prevent the red carpet accident.

Nude-colored lip gloss and bronze eye shadow to complete her rough ensemble, as well as killer jewelry inlaid heels.

Louisa boarded the stage with the same clothes at night, adding some luster to some of her famous tracks.

Essex Girls Fame in 2015 After Winning X Factor.

Where are these X Factor now?

Louisa has been hit with Cleopatra and the X factor alum Oli Moore.

She is now preparing to release her debut album of the same name after two years of waiting for her fans.

She said: “I’m very grateful to you for sticking to my point, coming in, and to be honest, it would be worth it.”

“To be honest, then, it is worth, you may drag a little bit.”

P.E.I. Musicians sell weddings to help finance new albums

To fund her new album, P.E.I. musician Meaghan Blanchard sold one of her favorite things – her wedding Long Gown Dress.

Blanchard’s new album “The Great Escape” (The Great Escape) will be released on January 10, 2018. She and her producer have just finished recording this week, and although she has invested about $ 15,000 so far, she will have to spend another $ 10,000 on CDs and vinyl records. Some marketing.

“I just looked at my expenses and I figured that I had a long way to go in January and then I went upstairs to see my wedding dress hanging in the spare bedroom I just thought – Enjoy it like me, “she said.

Married musician Thomas Webb, 28, likes her lace, cream robe and everything on her wedding day.

Blanchard wrote a touching post for the dress on Facebook and placed it on Kijiji.

She wrote: “This dress will make you dance … I feel sexy and beautiful, and this dress will make you dance like Beyoncé.” My brother came over and held my arm, “I just want to say … you look pretty, and I love you, my brother told me for the first time that he loved me and wears this dress, which breaks your heart.

Blanchard asked for a $ 1,200 dress.

She wants her ad to stand out because it not only lists the details of the dress itself, but also outlines the joy it brings to her.


Blanchard said: “I never thought I could see or feel the bride’s feeling – I always thought it was a stupid, until I try on this dress, her bent buttocks and short stature of self-awareness – She is five feet four inches tall – but the dress helps.

“This hug in all the right places.”

Blanchard used her bridal shoes as souvenir memorabilia, but feeling worn over the skirt wasted.

She said: “I just think that if I can provide such experience for others while raising money to create new records, then this is a win-win situation.

More fundraising efforts

Blanchard is about to launch The Great Escape for sale, which will also help its production.

This album, Blanchard’s fourth album, for her is a new voice. She said she was getting rid of the rustic style of her last couple, she said – describing the album as having a folk roots and an independent film. She also designed the cover art myself.

She said: “Really feel like me, I really hope people like it.” Feel good. “

Need the last minute Halloween costume? The idea of ​​four cheap household items

When we close on the weekends of Halloween, many of us will compete in the afternoon of the Masquerade looking for the last minute thoughts.

Fortunately, Marissa Kochanski, fashion designer at St Albert’s Children’s Theater, has four ideas here, using household items.

Lion (or faded flower?)

You may not have a full-body garment, but with some newspapers and some ribbon pieces, you can coiffed with a majestic mane.

And, bonus: Kochanski said the costume can be used as a zombie factory.

“It could also be a part of a dry floral arrangement,” Kockanski told CBC radio was active. “Which child does not want to be part of a flower arrangement?”

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

How all these plastic bags get into your house? Make good use of them and make the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (and make sure it’s recycled).

What better way to showcase your social consciousness, the huge islands of plastic bags that float on the Pacific Ocean?

Kochanski said: “If you bought a large plastic shopping bag, and you cut the bottom, then the two handles is the sleeve.

She put the bag in the bag, and soon she put on a Cheap Long Gown Dress, like a pile of floating garbage appeared at the party.

Radio active

Section ochanski said, but one thing is missing.

“I do not have any distressed sea creatures in my house, but if I have some, I can fasten them to my skirt.” “Or a starfish or someone else knows the nautical theme there.”

If you have to explain a joke, it is usually not a funny thing, but a princess dress in a plastic bag is only a problem.

VHS tape skirt

Kochanski raised her VHS skirt, composed of a lower body exercise band.

This is something Cher might wear – maybe in the 90s, it was made of something you might not use anymore.

“It looks a bit like the technology of the 1990s, just like uh, really,” Kochanski said.

The costume designer created this tape after noticing some type of VHS tape in her home.

“I have all these lower body VHS tapes,” she said. “And then I think … well, the real lower body solution is to cover your body with VHS tape! ”

Do not mind working on the lower body – overwrite it with a VHS tape of the appropriate theme.

Trophy deer

Kochanski found some cardboard near her house and the ball began to roll. She said: “I cut a wall-hung sign.”

“Then I went out, there were some branches in the yard, I tied them to the headband, and I was a deer!

She drilled the pilot holes in the branches and fastened them to the headband with some screws. She was plumbered because she had no headband, but said it would work fine.

She said, “It does not cost me anything.” I think these things are kind, bona fide things Muggle can have. ”

Kochanski said the small number of carpenters involved in making clothes is a long way from being durable.

“The hardest part of apparel is making sure they all stay together.” The best advice I can give you is before you think too much about decoration, something like painting and thinking about the basics of your clothing .

Catherine Zeta Jones, 48, shows off her cleavage in an elegant midnight dress as she hosts the star-studded British Luxury Awards

She is an everlasting Hollywood beauty and looks much younger than she, whether she is walking on the red carpet or starting with her husband, Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones attended the star-studded Walpole British Luxury Awards Monday night to continue showing off her infinite beauty.

The 48-year-old Oscar-winning actress showed off the cleavage in her deep midnight blue dress at the silverware detailing at the Dorchester Hotel in London, leading the charms of many other celebrities.

Catherine shook beautiful Long Gown Dress,revealing the charm of Hollywood, skirt folds sleeves and V-neck perfect interpretation of the Hollywood style.

The Chicago star locked her raven on a curly high heel, and the stars’ earrings adorned perfectly with the look.

Finishing this eye with simple eyes and eyelashes, the star shook her incredible ensemble with her famous classic elegance and elegance.

When Catherine attended the event, she and her husband, Michael Douglas, celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

The “Zorro Star” mask with Instagram posted a sweet message to the 73-year-old Hollywood celebrity because they celebrated 17 years of marriage happiness, admitting they never thought their life would be as good as they are now.

Catherine took a photo on her wedding day and wrote it on Instagram: “Seventeen years ago, I said ‘I want to do’ to my best friend and the father of our two and a half month old son.

There was also socialite Kitty Kitty Spencer, who was wearing the blue long glitter gown that looked effortless.

The blond hair is sleek, with black suede pointed shoes.

Designers inspired by Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle derive from vintage prints, Frieda swaying with a red print coat, and Javvy Wearing a gray print suit.

Perfumer Roger Dove showed effortlessly dramatic style in a sequins suit and matching shirt combinations, while footballer Sol Campbell and his wife, Fiona, excelled in the race.

These awards are the best and brightest to celebrate British luxury, including MatchesFashion.com, Farfetch, Gucci, Porter and Kingsman.

Youtuber Jim Chapman looks clean at the event.

Video blogs Twitter fans tell them that he is attending the event and said: “Be gentle with me.”

Cosmetic guru Charlotte Tilbury was also seen at the awards ceremony, each one in a sensational black sequins ensemble that looks like every charming goddess.

The 44-year-old woman shows her slim body as she recently performed well in the international expansion of make-up brands.

Charlotte recently traveled to the Middle East to celebrate her first pop-up shop in Kuwait, the largest in the world.

So, the blonde has more fun, Serena? When she and the popular princess Demi Lovato bold black at the American Music Awards, Gomez introduced a new style of fashion

Some of the biggest names in the music industry gathered at the 2017 American Music Awards on Sunday evenings.
A large crowd of celebrities at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles illuminated the red carpet on Sunday, including Selena Gomez.
Soon after, 25-year-old Demi Lovato wore a black lace lace dress that showed her bent figure.
Selena unveiled her glow lock at Sunday’s awards ceremony, marking her legs with avant-garde black and silver leather dresses.
What I Want Want Female singer in a fit leather skirt on the carpet, with zip accents and star decoration.
Serena, a natural brunette girl, showed astonishing new hair color on the red carpet.
The actress is wearing a new hairdo, loosely flanked by dazzling diamond earrings.
Recently, she and Justin Bieber rekindled the love of Selena, performing for the first time since receiving a kidney transplant.
Former Disney star, winner of the most popular female artist award in 2016, will sing her new single Wolves.
Actress and singer Heilee Steinfeld shared the same idea with Selena and chose a black leather bra.
The 20-year-old artist will be a structured black suit jacket, coupled with tailored trousers and smooth hair.
The 29-year-old country singer put her growing baby pimples on a charismatic toolkit.
Jessie, who married NFL star Eric Decker, uses a tall metal heel to create a distinctive name.
Two mums painted her pinkish pink and opted to wear a long, wide-wave ombre lock.
For the American Music Awards, Heidi Klum also had a similar idea. The supermodel cuts out the stylish silhouette in pink, cream and white seventies-inspired dresses.
The German-born beauty, 44 years old, her cleavage and her sculptures return with a heavy look.
Another trend to jump on the rose is actress Lea Michele.
The 31-year-old actress glittered in pale yellow dress, wearing a corset and wave skirt.
Black star actress Tracee Ellis Ross will perform with Diana Ross mom in the evening and hold the Lifetime Achievement Award.
The 45-year-old Tracee wore a sequined burgundy suit with long sleeves and deep thighs, and the actress supplemented a high-necked dress with red lipstick and coordinated velvet heels.
TV actresses joined her mother, Diana, as well as her younger brother Evan Rose, his wife Ashlee Simpson and their daughter Jagger Snow.
Bruno Mars nominated a total of eight nods.
Following Uptown Funk hit manufacturers are Ed Sheeran, Drake, Chainsmokers, Kendrick Lamar and Weeknd, each nominated five times.
Fans and Kelly Clarkson will make their debut.
The evening will also feature her own solo album; Pink sings a song on her album, Beautiful Trauma, and in Clarkson’s Studio of Life album.
Another highlight of the night is undoubtedly the performance of Christina Aguilera.
The singer will pay tribute to Whitney Houston for her bodyguard who commemorates the 25th anniversary of the film.
Nick Jonas, Niall Horan, Demi Lovato, Imagine Dragons and Lady Gaga will also perform at night.

According to the official AMA website, the nomination process is based on “Billboard magazine interacts with major fans on Long Gown Dress , including album and digital song sales, radio, streaming, social events and travel” These measurements are provided by Billboard and its data collaboration Partner tracking, including Nielsen Music and Next Big Sound.
AMAs will be broadcast live on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.