Miss Universe 2016 thanks Philippine designer for “amazing dress”

The glitzy, glamorous and gossip news of the coronation night of the 66th Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada remains a topic of cyberspace and beyond.

By the end of the night, 92 delegates wore the best robe and waited anxiously for the winner’s announcement. The last girl in Las Vegas was Davana Bennett of Jamaica (a loyalist of a 70’s actress Pam Grier), South Africa’s Dami Lee Neil Peter Sri Lanka (recalling Marissa Canale of Venezuela in 1979) and bubblier Claudia Cardinale of Colombia.

Iris Mittenaere of France is ready to welcome his successor after he was crowned on January 1 in Piazza Alonzo Wurtzbach, Manila. When the beautiful dental student is walking up and down the red Long Gown Dress, every observer is watching him, thinking: Only a Michael Cinco!

This is the volume. This is drama. This is brilliant. Cinco tulle dress shines Swarovski colors, understand.

“I got a phone call from Cosmic Manager Esther Swan and she told me that Iris wanted to wear a haute couture because she fell in love with Pia’s robe,” Cinco chatted on Facebook. “I was really surprised because I thought she would wear a French designer because she was from Paris.”

The safest assumption is that Mittenaere will wear the French master Jean-Paul Gaultier as jury chairman, choose Miss France and become her good friend.

However, she was able to showcase her country’s excellence in fashion when she wore a flawless column dresses and sculpted shoulders details by her compatriot Stephane Rolland on her first appearance earlier.

Dubai-based Cinco went on to say: “I spoke to Marquis Bias and Iris, Miss U, on a conference call and she specifically told me she wanted rub for her robe.We discussed the designs and I sent the sketches to her For her choice. ”

Cinco revealed that Wurtzbach chose Cobalt Blue because that was the color of the dress she got in 2015 (designed by Albert Andrada). This time, Iris wants ruby. This is a different silhouette because she wants mermaid robe from the back of the train. This is very different from Pia’s robe, but it has a unique Michael Cinco trademark. ”

Another difference between the two queen dresses, Cinco notes, is that “Pia’s dress is a linear bead with a pattern, and Iris’s dress is just the glitter of any crystal.” The crystals are crystal beads, all of which are transparent colors. Hindi siya’ung mga crystals na dinidikit “.
Cinco Crystals used on Iris’s dress. Michael Cinco’s photo

Cinco acknowledged that he had always dreamed of seeing the haute couture gowns on the Hollywood red carpet, and the stage like Miss Universe.

“My favorite Miss Universe is Russian girl Osuna Fedorova, who was eliminated in 2002 and is the most beautiful.” When I contacted the Miss Russia organization to make a dress for their candidate Kseniya Alexandrova ,I feel extremely happy. ”

Alexandrova visited Cinco in Dubai a few weeks prior to the Miss Universe event and chose her evening gown. You know what this is, a similar design, Mittenaere is also the final choice. If Alexandrova were wearing a Cinco robe during the preliminaries, she might have a bigger chance of entering the finals.

“I was just a little upset because Miss Russia did not get into the top 16 and was not able to show her dress.I told her to wear a prelims robe as it is so beautiful but the Russian organization wants her to wear an evening dress only in the final Night, “Cinco said.

Cinco told MUO and Miss Russia that Mittenaere and Alexandrova chose the same gown. “The dresses have similar colors and designs, but Russia has a different crystal embroidery treatment and the iris has more ombré.”

It is worth mentioning fans of fashion fans immediately saw Cinco in the Mittenaere corset imprint. Designers of royals, celebrities and oligarchs say: “It was so warm when I got a lot of news from people asking me if I had Elise’s gown on Michael Cinco.” I think the designer’s greatest achievement is that people recognize your style. “

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