1. Sweaters
  2. Sweatshirts and pullovers
  3. Your favorite blue jeans
  4. Leggings
  5. A couple of dresses – A sassy, flirty dress and a casual t-shirt dress
  6. At least 5 pairs of shoes – tennis shoes, heels, booties, flats, slides/sandals and rain/winter boots
  7. Hats and Scarves – baseball caps, beanies and blanket scarves.
  8. Bralettes – 1 White, 1 Black and 1 of your favorite color
  9. At Least 7 nice shirts/blouses
  10. A few t-shirts

Dressing for fall is my favorite time of the year! I just love the sweaters and cozy scarvesthat come along with the colder temperatures. Unfortunately, for packing this makes it harder because usually fall clothing is bulkier and takes up more space. But don’t let that intimidate you, that means you just have to pick out your favorite pieces to take with you.

I started my list with sweaters, because I love a nice cozy sweater! I would say to pack at least 3 or 4 sweaters, two casual sweaters that matches everything and two statement sweater for going out in. My favorite statement sweater is a lace up sweater.

My next go item is a sweatshirt. On my lazy days, I just grab my sweatshirt and pair it with my leggings and just bum around campus. You can dress up your sweatshirt and pullover collection by adding a Sherpa pullover, these pullovers will be sure to keep you warm during that nice little walk from your dorm to class.

I know you have to have at least one pair of jeans that you just cannot live without. I know I have at least two. I would pack your favorite jeans and some leggings. You will be living in leggings during class and hanging out in the dorm! They are a must have!

When it comes to packing accessories, I would just limit it to hats, scarves and bralettesfor the fall semester. Hats will eliminate all bad hair days! Pack at least one baseball cap and a neutral colored beanie. Last fall, my blanket scarf saved me! I would recommend packing at least one or two blanket scarves to keep you warm. My other favorite accessory is a bralette. They layer perfectly under any fashion top or sweater. I would recommend having at least one black and one white lace bralette to help add a little touch to your outfits this fall.

When it comes to fashion tops and dresses, I wouldn’t pack too many. You will need some for those days that you want to dress up or go out with friends. But, you also want to make sure to leave room in your closet for new items that you will want to buy from the local boutiques near campus.

I know we all have our go to t-shirt that we like to lounge in and it’s okay to bring a few of those with you, but keep in mind that your t-shirt collection will expand during college. There’s always t-shirts being given away on campus and during events.

I hope this has helped you with getting ready for the fall semester and makes your transition into the new dorm less stressful. Just remember, you can always come home and visit during weekends and holidays to grab more clothes!

Share with us some of your everyday must have items!

How to Dress Code – The Creation of Fashion for Tech

There are certain things that simply shouldn’t go together. Yet, miraculously, they do: Think about peanut butter and jelly, Stan and Laurel or more on topic, fashion and tech.

Both of these departments are part of what make up Zalando’s DNA and are essential to our daily work. Both also have clear opinions of the other, which make a collaboration between the two not the most seamless of tasks.

Our platform is powered by tech, and it was about time that the forces of the company unite to make fashion more inclusive to those who work behind the scenes and build our fashion-as-a-service platform: Techies. With that in mind, we came together to create a fashion line that lives up to their expectations, meets their style criteria and makes them look good.

The fact that there was a clothing line being specially made for tech on the horizon had our entire tech department at Zalando excited about the endeavour. They might not all be interested in fashion, but still they wear clothes.

Surveys, focus groups, MVPs and think tanks followed and gave birth to a holistic, loved, basic urban fashion line made by zLabels for Tech: We dress code. A clothing line of smart styles, clean design, some gadgets and 100% functionality – all the things that, according to our research, matter to techies.

Not only did the creation of We dress code. unite the worlds of fashion and tech, but it also brought together different people and personalities from all over Zalando: Designers, UX, Product, Tech Employer Branding, all types of engineers, community managers (just to name a few), with the Creative Department ultimately taking care of launching the brand with a BANG.

This project was an exciting and challenging task for creatives like us, who usually think and create for fashion in the context of glossy visuals and fashion shoppers in mind. The approach with We dress code. was a different one: How do we speak Tech, a language that’s not our native tongue? Focus groups with in-house Techies provided us with input en masse: Models? No, thanks. Fashion communication? Doesn’t reach them.

Tech talked, we listened. We created an awesome stage for the launch of We dress code. featuring influencers, with claims that really speak Tech (“buttondown=validObject;”), a fun web series about Tech life, on top of highlighting the quirks of wearing We dress code. The posting of wild posters all over Berlin to create maximum impact was the icing on the cake – all without drawing from the aforementioned clichés.

Our new brand, We dress code., is not only for our in-house Techies, the initial inspiration for all our efforts, but for tech enthusiasts, programmers and startup whizkids from all over Europe.

Gothe evening gown, early 1950s

How do you pin a corsage on a strapless gown? This question was posed by florists in the early 1950s, when strapless evening and ball gowns were all the rage. In lieu of pinning the corsage on a shoulder strap, florists suggested creative alternatives. Create a floral medallion by tying a single bloom with silver cord, suggested a Pennsylvania florist in 1950. Or use a wire base to distribute the weight of the flowers more evenly; this solution was the idea of a Chicago floral.

1.Corsages aside, strapless gowns sometimes provoked outrage over the amount of skin they revealed. In 1951, Princess Margaret, younger sister of the current Queen Elizabeth, wore a strapless gown at the opening of a London concert hall. This was the first time a member of the royal family wore a strapless gown in public.

2.Princess Margaret had been interested in the style since 1949, when she purchased a strapless Christian Dior evening gown. Her mother was reportedly shocked, and insisted on the addition of straps! Though the British royal family isn’t known for being fashion-forward, there were other conservative protests against the style. In 1953, a New Jersey school board stopped short of forbidding strapless gowns at dances and proms. Instead, the school superintendent appealed to parents and students to wear conservative gowns with straps or sleeves to school functions.

3.Despite conservative resistance to the style, strapless gowns were the evening style during the early 1950s. Christian Dior popularized the style beginning in the late 1940s when he introduced beautifully embellished strapless evening gowns. The evening gown pictured in this post was designed by Gothe, a New York dress design and manufacture firm led by husband and wife Irene Zerner Gothe and David E. Gothe. Though Irene was head designer, David was credited with helping to design many of the company’s dresses. Gothe produced mainly evening wear, examples of which were featured in The New York Timesand Vogue during the late 1940s and into the 1950s.

4.This Gothe gown features a rounded sweetheart neckline and glittering sequin embellishment. It has bodice boning and princess seams, which are reinforced at the waist with curved metal rods. This inner structure helps gown maintain its elegant silhouette. The soft pink color, in this case with a white net over-layer, is typical of the era. Other popular colors included lilac, seafoam green, pink, ivory and biscuit. In December 1952, Voguecalled pale evening gowns the “great evening fashion of the season.”

Sherri Hill 2017 Collection

The Sherri Hill Spring Summer 2017 collection is the designers biggest yet. Look out for the images of over 500 new styles, that will be released in November 2016.

As always, the new Sherri Hill Collection is totally fresh and new. The key look is off the shoulder, with mermaid jerseys, chiffons, and ball gowns all coming with this neckline.

Also a key look in the new collection, is the amazing figure enhancing scuba jersey. Having created just a few styles in this fabric last year, Sherri has now produced a vast array of styles and colours in this look. In particular, a strapless scuba jersey with a lace peplum detail and a back split, coming in 5 colours including a dreamy blush shade, is set to be a major hit. There are also two pieces, mermaids, and straight styles all in scuba that will appeal to a vast number of girls and figures.

On the printed styles, there is an oriental theme running through the collection. Printed ball gowns and mermaids have a Chinese dragon type print which is both striking and original. There are also breathtaking new florals printed on to a soft organza skirt. Dreamy and romantic, these florals are available in ball gowns and two piece ballgown skirts, and look set to be a popular choice for weddings and proms. A particular favourite, is the floral organza skirt ballgown in navy with a cut out back. Look out for this one which is simply to die for.

As well as the printed organza skirted florals, there are a number of styles in the new collection with an appliqué 3D floral look. This totally new look came in a number of different styles. From cut out soft ballgown skirts in red, to blush organza skirts and yellow tiered dresses, these tiny appliqué flowers give a an original and couture look to the gowns which will make them stand out.

A totally new look and fabric for this year is the stretch satin. Featuring, heavily in the new promotional images there are a number of styles in an array of colours in this fabric. Our top pick was the blush satin straight dress with a halter neck and plunge front and the lave tie back satin style in navy and ruby. Super glamorous and sexy, these styles are going to be a big hit.

On the short and sweets, the off the shoulder look features again, and there is also an adorable lace and satin v corset style that will suit all figures. Black and red florals are also a winner in the short styles.

Finally, look out for the ballgown that is not a ballgown in the new collection. This year, as well as the regular ballgown skirts in satin or mesh, there are a whole group of styles in a heavy mat satin or grosgrain fabric. These skirts are in a ballgown shape, but are much less full than the traditional styles and are a fresh and welcome addition to this category. The plunge front style with pockets and a mesh side in an amazing turquoise colour, is our top tip in this section.

Colour wise, the new collection contains a lot of blush and powder blue. Both the jersey styles and the mesh skirts looked particularly stunning in this colour. Reds and royals remain popular and particularly in the jersey styles. There is also quite a lot of navy in the collection, which always looks elegant.

keep summer going for a little longer, what do you think?

My favourite Sundays without fail usually consist of dragging Simon out on the premise we will do something fun. Whether that’s exploring a new area of London or as we did last Sunday, find a new Sunday lunch spot. This is also followed by me asking for some blog photos as it’s my only ‘free time’ to get set up for the week ahead. (Thanks Si)

Weekends are precious and there’s a lot to pack in, catching up with friends but also working on my blog. I would love to know if you’d be interested in hearing more about my work life and blog life balance?
These snaps were taken on our way back from Wilderness, which was pretty amazing. Highly recommend. However sunglasses were compulsory to hide the bags. Shuuuuu! Wearing my go to summer dress which you may have spotted on holiday and as I mentioned in my previous post Urban Outfitters has been my go to for dresses this summer.


I’ve also had a tinnie tiny hair update thanks to Josh Wood, although most people get their hair a little lighter at the start of summer, I’ve decided to do it towards the end. I feel this can only mean I have to go on holiday again and keep summer going for a little longer, what do you think? Thanks to Mel for the colour and the cut by Kat.

Thanks for having me guys.


Whilst nude is one of the most popular colours in evening and prom wear, it is also one of the most difficult to wear.

The nude palette is quite broad and can encompass anything from blush to an almost light brown colour. However, the most commonly requested shade, champagne, is amongst the most difficult to wear.

Champagne, or pale nude, is widely perceived as a classic and sophisticated colour choice. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, it’s slightly yellow undertone and lack of strength of colour, means that most complexions look at best washed out when wearing this shade. The one exception to this is anybody with the Californian beach chick look of blonde hair and suntanned skin. Pale complexions and brown hair that come alive in a bright red or a royal blue , will unfortunately not look their best in this shade.

Still insist this is the one for you?

Despite the difficulties outlined above, many prom girls, bridesmaids and wedding guests are determined to wear this shade. In that case , we have set out below out top tips for looking your very best in this colour.

1. Try to find a nude that has a silver or beaded mix in it. A flat nude is draining on most complexions, but when mixed with a silver or gold, it will have much more of a lift and will actually illuminate the complexion.

2. A blush or nudey pink will be much more flattering than champagne. This shade does not have the same yellow undertones and so can be worn by an olive skin tone or a pale more pinky type. Failing that, the darker end of the nude spectrum can also be more flattering.

3. Get a spray tan. Whilst pale and interesting will look great with some
colours, it just doesn’t work with nude. If you don’t have that all American cheerleader colouring then you will need to fake it for the night !

4. Make sure your make up complements and flatters your skin tone in your dress. A bold red lipstick or a smokey eye can really help to combat the lack of colour in the dress and make you shine.

5. Don’t forget your nails. Again , a pop of colour on hands and feet will give more vibrancy to your overall appearance.

6. Invest in a good quality design and cut. Whilst you can’t always tell the difference between a more or less expensive little black dress, the same is not true of a nude style. Beadwork and cut will be much more obvious in this colour, and so you may want to invest a bit extra to achieve the sophisticated look you are after. Jovani and Sherri Hill both make styles in this colour that will have the quality you will want.

Our 5 top tips for buying your prom dress

1.  Who do I bring with me to help me chose my dress  ?

The first thing to remember is  that nearly all stores require a parent to be present for prom girls to try on dresses, so you will need at least mum or dad with you. Most prom girls tend to favour bringing their mum with them,  but some like to have dads opinion as well.  If dad is going to be paying,  then it’s definitely a good idea to bring him along at the outset, as otherwise you will need to come back to pay for your dress once you have chosen it.

Some families treat prom dress shopping as an afternoon trip or outing, and bringing the extended family can be an option. Grandparents can be very helpful in providing unbiased advice, and sometimes a welcome financial contribution. It is worth remembering however, that selecting your dream dress can be quite a long process, so bringing any younger members of the family along for the ride, might not be such a good idea .

Some girls like to prom dress shop in groups, or with at least one friend. It can be useful to have a second opinion from somebody of the same age, but If you do bring a friend, it is best to check that they have either secured their dress and are happy with it, or if they are looking  for a dress themselves, that they are interested in a different style to you, so that you don’t end up clashing over any particular dress. Shopping in a group for your prom dress can end in disaster for one or more in the group. Too many competing opinions and interests , are likely to make the job a lot more stressful than it should be.

Whoever you bring , try to limit your number of ” helpers ” to 2 or 3 people. That should be more than enough to support you in your decision making, and any more may just confuse you.

Whoever you decide to bring with you, make sure you have the final say on your purchase. Remember that it is your prom dress, and you will be the one wearing it !

2.  Keep an open mind. 👗💃

Do you have a fixed idea about what you want to wear, or are you dead set on one particular design ?  if you fall in to this category , you need to know that 9 out of 10 girls who try on their dream prom dress,  find that they don’t like that style at all.

Often girls will select a dress after sifting through literally thousands of images online.  However, what looks good on the model won’t automatically suit you, and insisting on sticking to a shape or colour palate that isn’t working, will lead to a bad choice.

If your first choice of style isn’t working, then start a new search by taking advice from the sales assistant in store. They see hundreds of prom girls each season, and should be able to guide you to the correct look for you. Look around at what others in store are trying on. You can often be inspired by something you didn’t expect.

Ultimately, searching for your dream dress will be a matter of trying and trying some more, until you get it right. Keeping an open mind is the key to success in this process.

Equally, if your first choice is sold out or not available, don’t waste time pining for a style you can’t have. The chances are you wouldn’t have liked it anyway, and it clearly wasn’t  meant to be . Start your new search quickly and with that open mind ready to find the best style for you !

Finally, make sure that you keep an open mind but within your budget, if you have one. There is no point in falling in love with a dress that is twice what you want to pay,  and can mean you leave  the shop empty handed and feeling unhappy.

3. When is the best time to buy my prom dress ?

The Prom collections start arriving in October, with the vast majority of stock already in stores and selling fast by early January. Many people are shocked when they visit our stores in March and are told that a style has already sold out, and no more are being made. Once you are sure you will be attending prom,  the earlier you begin your search and make your decision , the better !

If you want to buy early, but payment is an issue, ask about payment plans and deposits.  All of our stores offer interest free credit and securing your dream dress early,  but paying for most of it later, can be a great strategy.

Perhaps most importantly, an early choice means you are no longer distracted by the question of what you will wear for your prom. This leaves you free to concentrate your efforts on your studies and exams !

4.  Look and feel your best. 💄👠

It is a good idea to go out looking your best, when shopping for your dress. Although to a certain extent you will need to imagine the finished effect with hair up etc, it will help if you feel and look your best. Prom is a glamorous event, and if you look like you have just got out of bed, it may hinder your decision making process. Similarly, If you are feeling under the weather,  or not feeling your best for any reason, then it may be best to put off your shopping trip for another day.

Most shops will have shoes for you to try on the dresses with, but if you have a particular pair you want to wear with your dress, then bring them with you. It’s also a good idea to bring a strapless bra and control underwear, if you are likely to want to wear these on the day. These things will help you feel good in the dresses and make your choice easier.

Make sure you allow enough time to chose your dress. Finding your prom dress is not a short process, and you need to allow time to try on enough styles to make your choice. If you are  in a rush, you will feel under pressure and may leave either empty handed or with the wrong choice.

5. How will I know when I have found the dress for me ?

Do you suffer from commitment phobia in relation to your prom dress? Do you worry that something better will come along or you will change your mind ?

If the answer to the above is yes, you are not alone.  Lots of girls are afraid to commit to a dress , even when they have followed all of the advice above, and have found a style that they love. The important thing to remember is that you need to go with your instinct.  If you love it , others will too, and you should have the confidence to buy and wear that dress.

You will know when you have found your dress , so don’t allow yourself to be put off by others when making your decision. Try to avoid sending all of your friends pictures for their comments,  and recognise that unfortunately, some of them may not have your best interests at heart.

When it comes to choosing your dress, be decisive. You will know what you feel great in, and recognise that if you leave it behind because you are afraid to commit , you may end up disappointed when you return and it’s no longer available.

Once you have made your choice and purchased , stop looking !  As tempting as it may be to continue trawling the Internet, once you have had the courage to commit then you need to move on. That way, you will be way less likely to have doubts about your choice.

Stepping into spring with Dress2party

Stepping into spring with Dress2party

Now that the dull and dreary winter weather is finally lifting, so are our spirits and we are definitely reflecting it in our spring wardrobe. We finally get to say goodbye to chunky knits, polo necks and jeans and replace them with a more romantic, feminine and flirty look. This spring is all about romance as well as striking colours and bold blooms, which will really transform your summer party look. At Dress2party we have come up with a list of our top floral flocks to help the transition into spring that much easier.

The floral hi-low- Sherri Hill 51160

Hi-low’s are making a comeback this season and what better way than with floral detailing peeping through the back. This black dress is in a classic prom style with a twist, perfect for in between seasons. This dress is also available in an ivory/red combo for a more summery and feminine look.


The floral applique dress- Sherri Hill 51111

Perhaps the most romantic dress of all, Sherri Hill 51111 is fit for a princess with 3d applique flowers and sparkly embellishment at the waist. The dreamy blush shade makes this dress one of our most romantic options!

The simple floral dress- Sherri Hill 50831

One of the more simple floral options, but nonetheless a sweet and sophisticated style. Featuring a satin top, lace skirt and pink rosettes climbing the bodice and mimicking a rosebush. We love the prom-style skater dress and figure hugging bodice.


The floral dress for the rock chic- Sherri Hill 51195

This dress lacks the romantic elements of other floral gowns, but is perfect for anyone wanting to wear this trend whilst still keeping it edgy. Featuring a long sleeve lace crop top with see-through arms and a cut out back and a long black satin skirt with red roses gradually printed throughout the skirt. Perfect for any edgy princess. TOP TIP: To get the most out of this two piece and avoid only wearing it once try wearing the top with black high-waisted skinny jeans on a night out.

Fashion Forecast: 5 Most Awaited Trends of 2017

2017 is just a day old and the super sprinting fashion world has already forecasted the trends that are due to hit off this year. While 2016 was beyond doubt the year of style, 2017 is surely going to be a level up. There are some advancements and modifications that the style world has come up with and if you are fashion forward from the very core, you should surely embrace all the style that is yet to come. We’re taking you to the future and updating you with all the upcoming trends that 2017 has in store for you. Here’s the list:

1Stripes of All Sorts

Stripes are the ‘in’ thing this year too! The nautical variety might have ruled 2016 but 2017 has stripes in all its types. You will find a diversified range of striped dresses and tops. There is a diversity in terms of colors, color combinations as well as patterns. Get ready to be loaded with the stripe sass this year ladies.

2.Behind the Blazer Bralettes

The blazer over bralette combo will be coming out from the ramps to inspire your party looks this year. The look will bring in fresh androgenic feels to feminine style world. You should already keep a stock of bralettes in every color. From the basic ones to the vibrant ones, make sure you have them all.

3.Chunky Platform Sneakers

2017 has a whole new definition of funky and it’s surely going to revolve around platform sneakers. Go for the basic balck and white combo, the ever trendy all-white style or the pepped up pastel colors. These shoes are best to partner with almost everything you clad this year and as for your casual look, don’t even think about choosing another footwear instead.

4.Cream and Khaki

Talking about the work wear shades to look out for this year, cream and khaki are surely going to conquer the palette. The colors are  due to spread every where. From clothing to footwear further infecting the world of handbags. You should surely have enough of khaki and cream in your work wear wardrobe this year.

5. Ruffles Revised

The new and improved ruffles are just how 2017 wants fanciness to be. Ruffles are going to be the decorative feature of tops, tunics, shirts as well as jumpsuits that will arrive in the latest collection this year. They’re the best for all the fancy fad you’d want to flaunt in your looks for 2017.

Can’t wait right? Neither can we!

Be Ready for Beauty and the Beast with these Belle Inspired Prom Dresses

We’ve all been awaiting it – Disney’s brand new live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast to hit theaters. With Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, and Luke Evans as Gaston, the cast is amazing, and the trailer couldn’t look more magical. We’re sure you’ve already watched the trailer way too many times, but if you need to watch it just one more, check it out below.

While the entire movie is clearly going to be incredible, the one scene we’re waiting for is the infamous dance and Belle’s gorgeous yellow ball gown! The sneak peek of the dance and gown in the trailer has us so excited, and of course also has us thinking of prom. So, to get ready for the movie and prom, we picked out two of our favorite yellow prom gowns. These two dresses will have you looking just like Belle at your own dance! Check them out below.

To get that classic off-the-shoulder look like Belle’s gown, we love Sherri Hill 50874, a romantic gown that features an illusion plunging, sweetheart, off-the-shoulder neckline and spaghetti straps that lead to an open back with a circular cutout. The full, a-line skirt features a high side slit and layers of lace throughout. The fitted bodice includes beautiful floral embroidery to finish off an enchanting look.

For another stunning yellow tulle gown look, check out Sherri Hill 50883. It’s a charming a-line ball gown that features a satin sweetheart bodice, with ruching across the bust, and beautiful layers of tulle on the floor-length skirt. The tulle skirt also features delicate floral embroidery that’s sure to make you feel like a princess.

While Belle in Beauty and the Beast has made the yellow ball gown an all-time classic look, it’s a great color to choose for prom no matter what your inspiration. Whether neon yellow or a soft, pastel yellow, this hue will definitely have you stand out on any dance floor. So, if yellow is your color of choice, rock it with grace and style at prom!