keep summer going for a little longer, what do you think?

My favourite Sundays without fail usually consist of dragging Simon out on the premise we will do something fun. Whether that’s exploring a new area of London or as we did last Sunday, find a new Sunday lunch spot. This is also followed by me asking for some blog photos as it’s my only ‘free time’ to get set up for the week ahead. (Thanks Si)

Weekends are precious and there’s a lot to pack in, catching up with friends but also working on my blog. I would love to know if you’d be interested in hearing more about my work life and blog life balance?
These snaps were taken on our way back from Wilderness, which was pretty amazing. Highly recommend. However sunglasses were compulsory to hide the bags. Shuuuuu! Wearing my go to summer dress which you may have spotted on holiday and as I mentioned in my previous post Urban Outfitters has been my go to for dresses this summer.


I’ve also had a tinnie tiny hair update thanks to Josh Wood, although most people get their hair a little lighter at the start of summer, I’ve decided to do it towards the end. I feel this can only mean I have to go on holiday again and keep summer going for a little longer, what do you think? Thanks to Mel for the colour and the cut by Kat.

Thanks for having me guys.

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