Are There Any Post-Surgery Shapewear for Women?

Are There Any Post-Surgery Shapewear for Women?

Everyone loves a good makeover that results in a more beautiful and confident you. An effective way to achieve this transformation is cosmetic surgery such as tummy tuck and liposuction to remove excess fat deposits from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, and back. This procedure aims to contour and reshape the body by targeting stubborn fats that do not go away with dieting and exercise.

That being said, the recovery period for such surgeries can be uncomfortable, especially without the right post-surgical measures such as post-surgery shapewear. They are one of the best tools for helping the recovery process. Post-surgery shapewear is specialized compression garments designed to provide targeted pressure and support to the areas after surgery. Yes, you read it correctly. Compression shapewear is not all about giving women a sleek silhouette under the clothes. These wholesale fajas can offer a range of benefits that can optimize surgery recovery time and reduce swelling.

What Are Post Surgery Shapewear?

Post Surgery shapewear is compression garments that are made from strong and flexible fabrics such as nylon or lycra. They are designed in such a manner that allow for stretches while maintaining pressure on the targeted area. These garments are available in different sizes to fit different bodies and body parts. These garments can apply gentle pressure to the area and promote quicker recovery.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Post Surgery Shapewear 

  • Minimizing discomfort and pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce swelling and fluid buildup
  • Enhance skin healing and contouring
  • Offer protection against infection

For mothers who have undergone cesarean, it takes longer to recover compared to vaginal birth. This is where post-surgery shapewear comes in. It can help with managing pain after delivery, reducing back pain, supporting posture, and promoting faster postpartum recovery. Best of all, this post-surgery shapewear can help mothers feel more confident as their bodies heal.

Types of Post-Surgery Shapewear And Where You Can Buy Them

Choosing the right shapewear can help you with the healing process comfortably and confidently. Every post-surgery shapewear offers unique benefits. Let’s check out these wholesale shapewear from Waistdear that will help you to recover faster and safer.

Chest Wrap Tummy Control Bodysuit

This body shaper offers full coverage from the top to mid-thighs. Made with high elastic fabric, it features 3 rows of hook-and-eye closure and a triple layer of fabric on the abdomen for better compression. This full bodysuit also features a butt-lifting design to contour the curves

Wholesale Post-op Chest Wrap Tummy Control Full Body Shapewear

Steel Boned Tummy Trimmer

This tummy trimmer features an open bust design that allows you to wear your own bra and also supports the breasts with its push-up effect. This shaper offers firm compression from the ribs to the mid-thigh.  The 3 level adjustable hook and eye closure give a customized fit. The crotch overlay design makes it convenient for bathroom visits.  

Wholesale Conpression Steel Boned Shapewear For Women Tummy Trimmer Control

Tummy Control Boxer Pants

These tummy-control boxer shorts promote comfortable healing. It features 4 rows of hook and eye closure for a customized fit. It is flexible and supportive while the lace hem prevents rolling up. 

Wholesale Buttock Lift Tummy Control Shapewear Boxer Pants

Post-surgical Crop Shapewear 3-Row Hooks

This supportive long-sleeve crop top features a 3/4 sleeve design that can compress the arms. It has adjustable front hooks for versatility and fit. The high elasticity and wide band under the chest make this garment comfortable to wear. 

Wholesale Post-surgical Crop Shapewear 3-Row Hooks Plus Size Instantly Slims

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