These Vacation Outfits To Add Pleasure To Your Next Trip

With the lockdowns for the past two years behind us, this year has now become the return of the great escape. Whether you are flying overseas for a couple of weeks or planning several weekend getaways, 2022  / 2023’s biggest vacation outfit trends are sure to be interesting. As soon as the flights are booked and accommodations are reserved, all that is left is the hard part which is packing your vacation outfits. Those who have planned may be particularly excited about shopping for getaway staples. Though you may have steadily accumulated beach-ready attire in the past, shopping for new ones is exhilarating.

Our fashion choices for daily wear may have changed over the last couple of years, but it taught us virtually nothing about packing for vacation. One thing to note is that you really do not need to overpack in order to have tons of options to show off your style. What you need are a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched to create several different outfits.

Many people want to live life to the fullest after the tumultuous past two years and this can be seen in 2022’s freshest vacation trends that are centered around separates and bold statement looks that are brighter and more joyful. Below are some of the must-have items that are recommended to create the ultimate vacation capsule wardrobe.

Effortless Dressing

Besides being the easiest to put on, a good dress is an impactful way to get dressed this season. If you do not want to add another neutral style to your wardrobe, you can choose one in a bold color or an exaggerated silhouette. A dress is not just right for summer months but when the temperature drops, you can add leggings and boots as well as layer on a fun sweater to keep warm.

Cool In Crochet

Crochet is one of the biggest 2022 vacation trends. There is something about crochet designs that give a relaxed and carefree style. Comfortable and breathable, crochet tops or dresses can take you from the beach to evening cocktails in a jiffy and everything else in between. 

The Basics

When packing for a vacation, you may want to choose neutral colors for the base of your looks. As such, a cropped or a regular white tee is a perfect example. These versatile pieces can be layered as much as possible and go with just about anything, from pencil skirts, drawstring linen pants, high-waisted jeans, and overalls to shorts and the list goes on and on. They are truly the most lightweight piece to bring along.

Denim Jeans

Blue denim jeans and white tees go very well together and this pairing will get much more than one user on your vacation. Denim jeans are highly versatile and you can wear them with a loose-fitting top, a T-shirt, or a knit top for a more formal dinner.

Button-Down Shirt

Not only do button-down shirts make great tops, but they also make for great accessories too. You can throw on an oversized shirt over a bathing suit with a pair of denim shorts or unbutton the shirt over a dress for when the temperature dips at night.

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