Tips for How To Make Sure Your Makeup Lasts Longer

Wearing makeup is one way to make your appearance look attractive and fresh. Makeup can cover up imperfections on your face, such as large pores, acne scars, dark spots, and redness. Unfortunately, not all makeup products that you use can last a long time in all conditions, for example in summer, makeup will tend to fade quickly. This, of course, makes you have to apply your makeup repeatedly so that your appearance returns to perfection. Well, retouching makeup is possible, but if you have to do it over and over again, it’s definitely a hassle.

Well, ladies, there are some tips that you can follow to make sure your makeup lasts longer. If you’re curious, read the tips below!

1. Prepare Your Skin, Make Sure Your Face Is Clean

A good base will keep your makeup on fleek all day long. Therefore, prepare your skin well and make sure your face is clean before starting to apply your makeup. A clean facial condition will make the makeup you use stick perfectly and evenly with your facial skin. In addition, it can minimize the occurrence of acne as a side effect of using makeup. After cleansing, use skincare to nourish your skin. Applying skincare, at least a moisturizer cream is needed to make your skin moist so that it becomes smoother and easier to apply your makeup. When the supple canvas preparation is complete, then you are ready to paint!

2. Always Use Face Primer

Sorry ladies, you can’t skip this part! Choose a pore eraser primer that contains silica to create the illusion of a smoother and pore-free facial surface. For dry skin, a primer with extra moisturizer can be a mainstay. Some face primers can also be used as color correctors to even out skin tone and make it look brighter. Do not underestimate primary products, they can make all cosmetic products on your face more durable and long-lasting.

3. Use Powder, But Don’t Overdo It!

Powder is indeed a makeup that you must use. Besides making your makeup smoother and more even, the powder is also considered to be effective in preventing the appearance of oil on the face which can make your makeup fade. But be careful ladies, excessive use of powder is not good for your skin. Applying too much powder on the face can actually make the pores wider and oil production increase than usual. As a result, your face will be more prone to breakouts because there is too much oil in your skin. So, apply the right amount of powder. Also, use a powder with super fine granules and choose a formula that does not clog pores.

4. Choose Water Resistant Products

Maintaining makeup in between the many activities is not easy. Sunlight, dust, and pollution make it easier for makeup to fade and disappear. Well ladies, to keep your appearance perfect, try to use waterproof makeup products.

Makeup with a waterproof type is the right choice to maintain your beautiful appearance without having to retouch many times. You can use some makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, and other waterproof products.

5. Use Setting Spray To ‘Lock’ Your Makeup

You can use a professional setting spray makeup that can lock and make all makeup products stick perfectly to your face. Setting spray will make the makeup you use last for a long time. This product also provides maximum protection from exposure to dust and pollution so that the makeup on your face stays on point even when you are outdoors.

How to use it is also easy, you only need to spray a little setting spray onto the face. Let the setting spray soak in and dry on its own. Make sure you spray the setting spray at a distance that is not too close so it doesn’t focus on just one part of your face.

Use the tips above to make your makeup last longer without having to retouch too often. Good luck!

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