The Most Popular Colors in Summer 2022

I am not someone who blindly follows trends. I don’t think it’s good to wear everything at any cost, and it doesn’t suit us well. I like to look at what is in trend, but also to adapt it to myself and my style and taste. We know that trendy colors change often. Now we will talk about what is current this summer of 2022. And how to imagine a summer without cheerful and bright colors? To me, it is synonymous with the most beautiful and warmest seasons.

Neon Green

I love green and I am very glad that it is one of the leading colors this summer. There are different shades of green, but this neon is great for summer! And she is a must-have. This is something that young people will be happy to wear in the city, at parties, on walks… You will surely be noticed. And it is good that the color block has returned to the big door as a trend, so we can combine neon green with pink, orange, and similar strong colors.

Hot Pink

Another color is associated with summer. Admit that this color is hard to wear in winter, I can’t imagine a coat or jacket in this color. But as soon as spring and summer start, this is welcome. My suggestion is high-waisted pants in hot pink color, which you can combine with a white shirt, and if you want a real summer outfit that is in trend, a combination with a yellow top would be wow!


Of all the colors and trends for 2022, my favorite is orange. It looks so feminine and elegant, and summer is the color. Take a look at the dress from the picture as my suggestion. With high heels, you will not go unnoticed. The orange color looks equally good on blondes and brunettes, but it looks especially good in summer on tanned skin. Do you like this color? I can even imagine an orange suit. Bold, unique, and yet something that is decent enough. Orange is not reserved only for young girls, on the contrary, everyone can wear it.

Sky Blue

If we imagine a real lady, an elegant, businesswoman, soft blue color is definitely a great choice for her. After all the screaming colors, something like this is welcome, to calm our eyes. For girls and women who do not like strong, summer colors, it is good that something like this is in trend. In addition to shirts, there are also beautiful summer dresses in blue. This shade of blue looks really gentle and awakens feminine facial features in every woman.

Soft Lilac

The more I browse magazines and watch fashion shows, I see that lilac is definitely in the first place for the summer of 2022. And I’m really glad about that. So much refreshment on the fashion scene is the pieces in this color. Although there are beautiful models in this lilac color, it is somehow my best blazer. It looks so good on all women and girls, and for all occasions. Whether it’s a business meeting or an unknown dress. What do you think about this trend and would you wear these colors? Or do you imagine these colors on some different models?

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