Fashion Tops for Summer for Hot Girls

 Have you prepared your body for the summer?

Summer is coming soon and we are all looking forward to it. I can’t be happier, and as far as I can see, the people around me. Summer is a time of good mood and great energy. Summer offers many possibilities when it comes to different outfits. In winter we are mostly in coats and jackets, and pants, so you can’t even see what we are wearing underneath. So soon we start with much more imaginative combinations. Did you train for the winter? And do you care what your body looks like when wearing short and tight clothes? I will tell you that the attitude with which you wear clothes is important and believe me, it is enough to shine.

Crop Top

As trends keep coming back, one of the pieces from the nineties that never leave the fashion scene is the crop top. I adore him like most girls. Personally, I like to wear it with a high waist, whether it’s pants or varieties. I saw that this year the trend of the low waist is returning to the big door. I’m still not sure I’ll dare take that combination. The challenge is big, isn’t it? Following Instagram, I see that a lot of girls wear crop tops combined with tracksuits. It looks relaxed, comfortable, and very chic. Even if you exercise regularly and have a tight body, there is no reason not to wear this and not feel good on your skin. I choose these models for the evening, a top with sequins, you know how good it looks. With some good elegant pants. It is even great for warm summer nights, going for a party or dinner in a restaurant. A coat or a biker can always be over.

Elegant top for fashion girls

Whenever I choose to shop, my choices are strapless tops and so-called off-shoulder models. I like to emphasize my shoulders in summer. However, when it comes to some more formal occasions, you will agree that this is often not very appropriate. For that, a model with thick straps, or even with short sleeves, is a great choice. Poof sleeves as always my first choice. They give such a dose of elegance, that whoever tries them once does not take them off. What can I tell you when I first type a puff when browsing every clothing site in a search engine.

Black / white or floral print? Puff?

What type are you? In my younger years, I definitely had a floral print, I loved everything floral, cheerful, cheerful. It was my association for spring and summer. Now I prefer to choose some reduced colors. Because I buy rational And I like lakes to fit some timeless pieces. Both know how to be great.

I have listed here some models that I wear most often, and that I think are really in trend. Combinations can really be raised with one cannon, you wouldn’t believe how many. When I run out of inspiration or want a new outfit, all I have to do is buy a new top that will complement the old combination and add some new jewelry. Not to forget, boho style cannons are also very popular in the summer and I always choose them when I don’t know what to wear, and I need something relaxed.

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