Good Matches for a Floral Blouse

When it comes to fashion, we have been following the principles of colors or pallets, the texture of the cloth, the designs and lines, and the like of what we wear. One of the challenges in having a good fashion style is finding the perfect match for either our upper garment or the lower one. Usually, it is easy to pair our fashion wears when they were plain in their color. We could easily pair the bright and dark and that would make a sophisticated aura. But what about the design? How can we pair a design especially when it is floral? Of course, the sizes of the flower designs are needed to be considered.

Here are the good matches for a floral blouse:

The Classic Blue Jeans

You could never go out of style when you pair something with classic blue jeans. As most fashion experts say, denim blue jeans are the most versatile wardrobe because it suits any design, line, and color. Even the floral designs could match these denim blue jeans without worrying over the sizes of the flower designs.

Denim Jacket

As stylish as they can be, floral blouses can be paired with denim jackets. It adds a happy-go-lucky personality appeal to a person who wears it. A denim jacket is also comfortable to wear especially when you do not want to emphasize the designs of your floral blouse. When you do not want to appear too girly, it is a great complement for a floral-designed top.

Faded Ripped Short

What could be more stylish than wearing ripped denim shorts? This is a go-to style when you are in a rush or when you just don’t have the urge to dive into your closet. It is perfect wear to go shopping or meet your long-time friends. These ripped denim shorts are a good match for either large floral designs or small ones.

White Pants

They always say that any color, any design, any line, can be paired with white. White is the color of purity and cleanliness so whatever wardrobe you wear with it would surely be a perfect pair. Floral designs are no exception for this as it actually sends a sophisticated and elegant style that can be worn in a formal event or in an intimate dinner date.

Dark Skinny Jeans

Usually, dark colors are a good pair of bright ones when it comes to plain style. When it comes to floral designs, however, it can be a revelation to perfectly pair them with dark elastic skinny jeans. The tricky part, but also good, of wearing these is that it can make the person appear slimmer.

Some people are hesitant to explore fashion with loud designs such as floral ones because they are not sure what to pair with them. These five suggestions can help them to experiment in their style and be confident with the results just like how these matches beautifully complement the floral designs.

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