Fashion Tips to Make Your Knitwear Look Like New for Years

Fashion trends come and go, which means you can let your seasonal clothes, such as winter knitwear, sleep in your closet for a while. Yes, you can use your wardrobe a couple of times, but the challenge is maintaining your clothes as good as new.

As for your knitwear, since you mainly use it in the cold season, it can serve as a good investment for you so you can save money. Follow these tips so you can make your knitwear look new for years.

Regularly check the buttons

Most of the knitwear has button features as they are prominent to complement your top and keep you warm in the intense cold. As time goes by, however, buttons become loosely detached from the fabric, especially when it goes on the laundry many times.

To make it look like a newly purchased sweater, regularly check the buttons and replace them if necessary. Make sure, though, that the buttons’ colors coordinate with the overall fabric of the knitwear.

Wash your knits inside out

You need to put extra care in the fabric of your knitwear, especially when you are washing them. The clothes’ quality and colors are at stake when you put them in the laundry. So, to make sure that they will not be wrinkled and for the colors not to fade quickly, you should wash your knits inside out.

Add accessories

Accessories are handy to upgrade your fashion, whether a winter wardrobe or an everyday attire. They can make you look fashionable without trying so hard. But there is more that these accessories can do.

They can also make your knitwear as good as new. For example, this knitted sweater with straightforward designs can look unfamiliar to your regular acquaintances when they see you wear it with a ribbon.

Women have this lingering itch not to wear clothes repeatedly and consecutively. By adding accessories, you can avoid that wardrobe familiarity.

Experiment with color matches

Experimenting on the color matches applies the same principle of adding accessories. It is so that you can either upgrade your winter look or make your knitwear look new.

The fine difference between the use of accessories and your choice of color matches is its purpose. Colors basically relate to your mood or the occasions when you will wear your knitwear. Meanwhile, the accessories usually aim to make your winter wardrobe a different one.

Wear undergarments

Compared to other winter clothes, the knit fabrics are not that durable. After a couple of reckless washing, they can be saggy or fringy. So, to avoid your knitwear resulting in such wardrobe distractions, you should wear undergarments or shapewear.

Shapewear is not only good at enhancing your figure, but it can also be a helpful tool in taking care of your knits. When you use such undergarments, you avoid getting your knitwear smelly. Therefore, you can use them many times before washing them.

The truth is, you can stay fashionable even if you repeat your knitwear clothes as often as you want. All you need is to take care of your wardrobe correctly and make sure to check the buttons and replace them if needed regularly. To avoid lumps and fringes, wash them inside out or wear shapewear. You can also experiment with the colors and accessories to look as good as new.  

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