Which Shoes Do You Love the Best in Hot Weather? Sandals, Flats or Slippers?

Shoes are ideal no matter what the season because it is your protecting accessory! It helps protects your feet from the dirt, heat, and dust outside. But not all the shoes can be wear in all the seasons we have each year. Some are good for summer, spring, autumn, and winter, while others are not. So let’s talk about what kind of shoes are best for summer and hot weather right now.

We often see three styles of shoes every summer: sandals, flats, and slippers. Each has there own strengths and weaknesses. But what shoes do you prefer the most?

Let us look into the good points of each of these shoes!


They will keep your feet and body cozy

One of the reasons people love to wear sandals when the weather is hot is to make their feet feel cozy and comfortable. Unlike closed shoes that make you feel hot, sandals are open, making your feet feel more breathable and relaxed. In addition, the open design of sandals allows the wind to touch your feet from time to time, especially if you’ll be wearing them for an extended period.

Good pair for a summer outfit

If you’re looking for shoes that can match any clothing style you have, that is a sandal. You will see sandals that can be pair with a formal dress, casual, and stay-at-home attire. Buying sandals prove to be a better investment as you’ll be able to save enough money by not buying lots of shoes for your particular clothing style.


Simple yet elegant

Flat shoes are any shoes that have a flat sole. These shoes are also perfect for hot weather because they don’t cover your entire feet, making you feel hotter. Though not every woman is a fan of flats, we can say that it has been here in the fashion world for some time now. The shoe design may look simple, but with innovation, elegant designs and colors of flats gain popularity nowadays.


Provides warmth and comfort

Slippers are shoes that are very important to keep your whole body feel warm. When your feet feel warm, then your body feels warm as well. That’s what most people say, and it is valid. However, depending on how your slippers look, the fact remains that it is an open shoe that makes your feet comfortable while moving around your home.

An excellent way to relax your feet

After long working hours at the office, you should reward yourself with a relaxing feeling back at home. The most efficient way to quickly feel that way is by having a nice pair of comfy slippers. Some slippers are cotton which makes your feet feel amazingly comfortable touching them!

Honestly, all of these three shoes are essential in this summer season. Each has there own potential to keep your feel comfortable and relax. However, the way you’ll use them is what separates them from each other.

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