What Color Bags to Match with Different Stylish Dresses?

Owning hundreds of bags sounds nice, but might not be too practical; especially when you want to practice minimalism. The style, color, and size of your bag will matter, most especially when dressing up daily. Hence, it`s necessary to have different colors of bags with versatile designs so you have quite a few options to keep slaying your daily outfits.

Here are some colors and bags that you might want to add to your online shopping cart soon:

1. Sparkly Beige

Beige is often the color for neutrality, femininity, and calmness. A wonderful color that you can get for a bag like with Zara`s sparkly quilted cross-body bag.

It`s classy, elegant, and compact with a woven exterior and removable straps. So perfect for light dresses to achieve a gentle and feminine style.

2. White

White is the color of purity and minimalism. If you`ll notice a lot of minimalists, many of them love the color white because of its clean color. It`s a versatile color that`s perfect for any outfit and season.

You can get this Forever 21 knotted shoulder bag which is popular right now because of its seemingly shapeless form. Bags with unstructured form is trendy right now and very reminiscent of the bags in the early 2000s.

3. Brown Canvass

Brown canvass is basically the color of handcrafted bags like this tote from Anthropologie. You can wear this Raffia Fringe tote bag with any of your summer dresses.

You can get this fringe tote which is excellent for carrying many things, and great for carrying your iPad or tablet with its magnetic closure.

4. Black

Black is often considered a neutral color. It can be paired with any design or clothing because it`s a good complementary color that will make the focus shift to your stylish dress.

You can get a heart-structured bag with front zippers as elements with silver hardware. It`s a cool and fun design for less than ten bucks at Forever 21.

You can get a more classic and chic design from H&M with their quilted mini bag that`s cute to wear with your little black dress.

5. Pretty Pastels

Purple and orange are great if you`re wearing a plain-colored dress to give your entire look a pop of color. You can get one from Zara. It has a ruched fabric exterior with soft polyester fabric.

6. Floral Gray

Are you looking for a sturdy sports bag that doesn`t look like a men`s bag? Desigual has some of the most unique and stylish bags. If you`re an office lady, a college student, or a freelancer, this floral gray bag is the perfect voguish bag you`re looking for! It can store a lot of your stuff without it looking dull and ugly.

7. Bright Colors of Pink, Yellow, and Blue with Floral Ornamentation

There`s nothing prettier than bright colors of pink, yellow and blue that have floral ornamentation. Desigual`s 2 in 1 boho shopping bag is excellent for ladies who carry a lot of items. It features a floral and boho friezes design with a plain brown bag inside if you want to keep some of your valuables safe.

These bags are sincerely stunning, and owning all of them won`t even make you feel guilty. Besides the voguish designs, they`re all well-made and perfect for a fashion-forward and chic woman like you. Look gorgeous, and carry your purse with a smile!

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