Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress at Winter 2020

long sleeve bodycon dress

What world would it be without bodycon dresses? These sexy dresses are the best allies of every woman because they manage to give a touch of class to our silhouette. Bodycon dresses are tight-fitting dresses that reach either the knee or below the knee, so they are definitely mini dresses. Bodycon dresses are dresses that literally caress the body, and are suitable for all those women proud of their body, who are not afraid to show their shapes. But, on the contrary, like to proudly put them in the foreground and want to please!

Bodycon dresses can be worn during any season of the year because it is really difficult to give them up. First of all, because they are super elegant and feminine, and secondly because they are also comfortable despite being tight. Now that winter is approaching, we can decide to buy long-sleeved bodycon dresses made in warm materials, which will help us fight the cold temperatures, and we can show them off and combine them under our coat and maybe with a nice pair of sheer black tights, an option especially suitable for the most sensitive to the cold, who will certainly feel the need to cover their legs a minimum.

So, what are the bodycon dresses that are more convenient to buy, to be in line with trends and be fashionable and chic even in the freezing cold?

In satin

Satin is a fabric considered high-quality, and it is really true, it’s being so precious makes a perfectly sophisticated dress. Fortunately, many shops offer satin dresses at affordable prices, and here we can have at home this sensual bodycon dress, with a nice V-neckline and a small slit on one thigh that will tease a lot!

Leopard print

I couldn’t propose in this list a dress with a high risk of hotness, or an animal print bodycon dress, in this case, leopard-print, for all those women who love to dare and amaze! This dress cannot be worn everywhere of course, but during a party, you will certainly not go unnoticed, also for the particularity of the flounce sleeve.

For pregnant women

The Asos maternity session offers the possibility to wear bodycon dresses even for expectant women, so get ready to show off your baby bump and enhance your beautiful curves at the same time even during pregnancy! Another cool aspect of this dress: the mint color of it is a super trend right now. Do not miss it!

Mesh and ruched

This dress with sleeves in mesh detail is all you need for the upcoming Christmas holidays, but not only that, also to show it off in the days to come, perhaps with a nice pair of knee-high boots, strictly black like the dress. The ruched model is also incredibly fashionable.


A slightly more romantic and less aggressive alternative than the previous ones, but certainly no less chic. This bodycon dress is very delicate, and most importantly, it will keep you very warm, thanks to its being knit!

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