Look, Bib Pants to Reduce Your Age


If a very young girl, for example, a fifteen-year-old girl, wears a certain type of look with a very nice make-up can seem more mature and grown-up. And obviously, the same thing is true for mature women, who may look younger and take off a few years. This obviously does not have to mean that you have to undress like a teenager to look younger. In fact, the important thing is certainly to use youthful clothes but bringing them back in a garment that always fits your age. So the essential secret of your transition to reduce your age is not to exaggerate but to weigh each of your choices with the right details. And a clear example of this is bib pants!

Bib pants are that garment that when observed directly reminds us of the periods when we went to school and our mothers or fathers dressed us with these maxi jumpsuits. Usually in jeans, which were perfectly suited to autumn periods.

The bib pants, or also known as dungarees, is one of those garments that, to be worn. Requires a look that is composed of something to wear under it, a pair of shoes, and, of course, a jacket, and since our intent is to make this garment as youthful as possible. Let’s see how we can combine our dungarees.

As for what you need to wear underneath, my advice is to wear a t-shirt that recalls some band of the past. Or with some particular writing on it, in order to give that right and essential vintage touch to your outfit  Moving then on to shoes. In my view, nothing fits better than a pair of Dr.Martens, in such a way as to add a further touch of rock to your look.

Without exaggerating too much with the addition of belts and bags with the studs. And then do something a grown woman would never do, which is to wear pink! Buy a bomber jacket, one of those big pink ones to use on your dungarees. And combine it with a small bag to match your bomber jacket. If you really can’t accept the pink of the bomber. Fear not, you can always wear your classic black jacket with the fur on the hood. Or, better yet, something more colorful like a mustard yellow, brown, or red. Be free to decide, also opting for a backpack instead of the classic bag.

Also, pay attention to your make-up and your hairstyle. Opt for classic, light make-up. And do not wear too much highlighter, helping yourself with the concealer to eliminate some signs of aging. As for the hairstyle, opt for a half messy bun. That is the classic hairstyle used on school desks, or use some headbands to match your t-shirt. So here your youthful look with bib pants is completed. All you have to do now is to walk along the streets of the city center showing a few years less, no one will notice!

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