Fall Solid Color Nail Art, Leading the New Trend

Fall Solid Color Nail Art

The fall trend is all about colors. Be it a fashion trend, lipstick trend, and even nail trends. Some colors like deep reds, burgundy, berry, emerald green, rusty orange are always associated with the fall season. These warm tones always make for a classic fall nail. The deep jewel tones along with some earthy tones will be seen a lot this fall. These shades will give your nails a glamourous look. You need these shades to get through fall with style.

Since wearing face masks is mandatory globally, we will have to accept the fact that wearing lipstick is somewhat not necessary. However, we can say this fall, nail polishes will be the new lipstick. Switching up your nail colors every week will add some fun and attention this fall. Besides with salons still closed in many places and we will not recommend you risk the virus, by going to salons yet, this fall will be a DIY project for everyone.

Today we will share some of the solid nail colors for the coming fall. You can always be creative and do some mixing and matching and play with the colors. Or you can wear a single shade on your nails. You also have the option of keeping your nails glossy or matte by using a topcoat. Here are some of the trending shades that will brighten your nails this fall.

The metallic nail polish trend will be seen a lot this fall. Variations of light as well as darker colors. It will add some jazz to your at-home quarantine nails.

Another trend this fall is shades of blue in various finishes. Classic blue the color of the year 2020 will rule the season. The combination of the color of the year and the metallic trend this fall is just epic. You will not want to miss it.  

Purples are perfect. This light lavender purple will steal your heart. The shimmer finish and the unique shade of purple is perfect for transitioning into the fall weather.

Berry tones are the eternal favorites for fall every year. Along the theme of jewel tones, this shade will help you add some drama and glamour to your nails. The different deep tones of berry with a combination of reds look very seductive and gorgeous.

One shade that will be seen more frequently is the dark earthy greens. We love this intense forest green polish with shimmer. This will add some autumn thrill to your nails.

A beautiful blazing warm toned polish that is perfect for fall. The awe-inspiring color shift is mesmerizing. When you move your fingers, you will see some hues of reds, burgundy, and bronze. At extreme angles, the golden yellow and orange will shine through. This nail polish has more shades of autumn and fall than the real forest.

Make some time during the week for your nails and rock these jewel tones with pride, because everyone is going to be mesmerized by your nails. There is no shortage of your manicure ideas this fall.

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