5 Shapewear Are Comfortable and Functional to Wear

It is no big secret that even the film stars use shapewear. Though they don’t admit it publicly, their red carpet looks are so dapper because of these inconspicuous wonders. After Kardashian West’s shapewear news, people started to show interest in them. But not many know the type of shapewear that will suit them. If you don’t get your hands on the right ones, the whole point of wearing shapewear goes in vain.

best shapewear for women

This is one of the finest types of shapewear- the full bodysuit. Unlike what women usually think, a full bodysuit won’t be an inconvenience. It will make you look even better as it focuses on making your curves look attractive. It will give a good lift to your butt, define your bust by giving it good support and also cover the extra flab along the waistline. This is an ideal choice for wearing under your regular outfits and also partywear.

high waist shaping shorts

The high waist shorts with front hooks is an inconspicuous option for females. This one is firm, made of the finest fabric to provide good waist compression. The hooks do not poke you or become visible under your clothing. They secure the fabric around your waist and help to burn the extra calories while you go about doing your regular work. This is the coolest shapewear for tummy control and enhances your overall appearance.

thong shapewear bodysuits

The high cut thong bodysuit is meant for those women who like to focus only on their stomach. If you want a butt lift and a good thigh trimming, then this one is not for you. However, it does a great job to hide the love handles and keep the waistline flab out of your way. Since it blends in with any clothing you wear, it is an ideal buy for multiple occasions. You can easily put it on too.

waist trainer and shapewear leggings

This shapewear slim shorts will put the best waist trainer to shame. If you are a workout enthusiast, like to sweat bullets in the gym and rely on a balanced diet, then you will love these shorts. They are great for a healthy run in the park or lifting those weights in the gym. They provide a good support to the lower half of your body and you can also wear them underneath your clothing.

best waist trainer

While talking about shapewear, how can you not include a good waist trainer in the list? This neoprene sweat embossed waist trainer will help to activate your core muscles while you do your crunches. Your workout results will be doubled and little efforts will reap you more benefits.

Even when you know what to buy, if you don’t buy them from the right source,the money goes down the drain and you cannot get good results. Buy waist shaper at shapellx and you won’t regret your choice. The brand focuses on making their customers happy and creates designs that you cannot resist.

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