Elizabeth Herly rock sexy maid outfit in Instagram photo shared by her son Damian

Elizabeth Hurley’s son shared photos of his mother showing skin on the “Royal Band”.

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Elizabeth Hurley’s 16-year-old son recently photographed his Instagram follower with a 52-year-old mother dressed in a sexy maid costume. Damian Hurley appeared in the image with his mother and they joined legendary soap superstar Joan Collins.

On Wednesday, young dramatist Damian Hurley shared a group of royal photos E with Instagram! Starring his famous mother’s TV series. In the snapshot, Damian sits on a light blue lounger between Elizabeth Hurley and Jon Collins. The bed covered with silk bed can be seen in the background.

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Joan Collins looks very luxurious, with two large tassels in the gleaming golden robes and red belt. Her accessories include a pair of white silk gloves and lots of glitter. The star of this dynasty was as clear as the Alexandria of Oxford. Collins played the mother of Queen Helena of Elizabeth Hurley.

Hurley may also play the role of a fictional queen queen, but her costume is certainly not the queen. She wore a seemingly naughty maid costume, which consisted of high-heeled thigh stockings and strapless black mini-dresses, showing many legs. This Long Gown Dress suppliers features white lace accents on the collar and skirt. Hurley’s hair was tied with a white ribbon and braids.

“The evil Trinity,” said Damian, photo.

Damian Hurley occasionally plays the annoying prince Hansel von Liechtenstein on The Royals. He wore T-shirts and jeans in a very good look in the photo above, but Showbiz Junkies reported that he will appear on the April 15th show. Prince Hansel will attend Queen Helena’s birthday party with Joan Collins’s Grand Duchess.

In a recent interview with HELLO! In the magazine, Elizabeth Hurley praised Jon Collins for being “ornate” on the show. She also ridiculed that Queen Helena was “a bit off track”, which may explain the sexy look in her photo above.

This is not the first time that Damian Hurley shares photos of his mother wearing a strapless dress. Last week, he posted a picture of Elizabeth wearing a 16th birthday party on Instagram. As you can see, its breakthrough collar is even lower than that of her maid.

At 10 pm on Sunday, you can watch Elizabeth and Damian Hurley at the Royal Theatre. ET E!

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