Cindy Crawford Brings Chic Beverly Hills Footwear Activities Through Greek Popular Navy Clothing and Sandals

Long Gown DressCindy Crawford attends Sarah Flint’s spring shoe show in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The brand’s investors used fluent navy Long Gown Dress and lace-up sandals to create a Greek goddess atmosphere.

Long Gown Dress

She participated in the competition with her celebrity friends Lisa Rinna and Maria Menounos.

Both Crawford and Linna made makeup for free in the afternoon.

Long Gown Dress

The RHOBH star put on all-white clothes, and Menounos wore a yellow floral jumpsuit to reveal a hint of sunshine.

Sarah Flint himself is Long Gown Dress in a crocheted white top and stylish pink suspenders.

In November 2017, Cindy became an investor in Sarah Flint.

Long Gown Dress

“First of all, I fell in love with shoes and then I met Sarah,” she told WWD. “She feels like a great woman to support. She is very young. She is creative. I only believe what I am doing.”

With Crawford’s help, Sarah now sells her Italian-made works entirely online at wholesale prices.

Long Gown Dress

She also has a list of celebrity clients including Meghan Markle, Scarlett Johansson and Amal Clooney.

Long Gown Dress

Flint has spread all over the country to provide her top customers with VIP treatment.

“It’s almost like a person’s box show at home, but it was a very curated experience. We brought sketches and appetizers, and I participated,” she told the magazine about her personal footwear activities.

Long Gown Dress

‘This is what we did from the very first day of the brand. It’s incredible that I got one-on-one feedback from direct customers, which is also an incredible grassroots marketing experience.

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