‘Wearing the Night Sky’: Girl receives a dress in the event of Prom Palooza

On Saturday, the base of Cropwell Baptist Church is lined with dresses of various colors and sizes, because the girls around St. Clair County chose their ball gowns in front of the door.

YWCA Alabama hosted the Prom Palooza event in Pell City and provided free dance costumes to girls in St. Clair County who needed it. Accessories such as jewelry and shoes are also available.

“We want to make sure every girl has the opportunity to enjoy her dance,” said Vernetta Bowman, YWCA Rural Domestic Violence Services Coordinator. “For high school students, this is an exciting time. We hope girls can enjoy every minute.”

One of the girls who was attending the junior/premium banquet in high school was Ivalee Smith and her mother, 12 years old, in April. Ivalee found the perfect outfit. Suitable for a long time in school regulations, but the full-length Long Gown Dress suppliers glitters with black overlays and flashes of stars in front of it.

“When your daughter says it looks like wearing the night sky, you know it’s that,” said April Smith. “The biggest part of having any equipment is great. It’s very helpful. It’s a great ministry. I don’t know how many girls can’t attend a ball or party without this ministry.”

At the Prom Palooza event, 51 girls received dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Volunteers help girls find the perfect outfit they can try. Once you have chosen your dress and matching shoes and accessories, you can steam your dresses to make sure they look best. Many dresses still have new sales tags.

Over the years, YWCA has operated My Sister’s Closet, which provides free clothing for customers in downtown Birmingham and provides the community with high-quality, low-cost shopping options. When employees realized that the high cost of prom dresses made it impossible for some girls to participate, Prom Palooza’s idea was born. Last year, about 100 girls were given free dress in St. Clair and Jefferson County.

YW has been operating in St. Clair County since 2009, when it opened an “European place” for victims of domestic violence and their children’s emergency shelter in Pell City. Each year, Wallet and Passion St. Clairshire lunches provide important funding for this shelter. The luncheon steering committee members helped organize the Prom Palooza event.

“These women have played a huge role in our community and we are grateful for everything they do,” Bowman said. “They are really committed to serving the women and children we serve and trying to meet every need, whether it’s a ball gown, furniture or household items.”

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