Mumbai HC allows students to wear a turban

Mumbai: The prayers granted to a Muslim student by the High Court of Mumbai allow them to wear headscarves and gowns, which are the traditional costumes of Muslim women and also attend lectures at Thane’s Homeopathy College.

long gown dress

The student failed in the 2016-17 school year because she did not have the necessary attendance. The student claimed that she had not attended the class because the university did not allow her to wear a headscarf and robe.

A member of the judges RM Savant and Sarang Kotwal is hearing a petition submitted by a student from the Sai Homeopathic School of Medicine, seeking instructions from universities and colleges, either letting her go to college wearing hijab or transferring her to another University, where she can practice the religious duties of her headscarf (headscarf) without any restrictions.

The student also requested permission to repeat the first batch of tests that took place during the summer.

According to Mihir Desai, the Senior Legal Adviser, she did not attend college in the 2016-17 school year because the university insisted that she should remove her headscarf.

However, the university refuted these claims and stated that she has been banned from wearing a full burqa and veil.

After submitting the university, the petitioner said that she had never insisted on wearing a full gown or veil, but was just like other students who were willing to wear skirts and robes, and the school agreed to accept such robes that she would attend the courses already in progress.

The court instructed the college and university to allow students to wear hijab and said that they did not need to transfer the prayer and handed it over to the petition.

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