“Nothing better than your favorite drink for your clothes”

The design of the new pearl collection from Lela Rose was modeled at TriBeCa’s home.

When Lera Rose held a party, she did not seize the opportunity. Last night evening at TriBeCa’s front-loft attic and fashion show, guests sipped Malpeque oysters, quail eggs and elderberry cocktails narrowly avoiding the designer hound Bobbin.

They took a picture of a high-end model on a raised table, doubling as a runway. At Ms. Rose’s fashion show, New York Fashion Week, those pony-tailed models showcase the elegance of Pearl in Rose’s new line of diffusion.

long gown dress

Her coral lace long gown dress and dress dotted with Swiss decorations have the same color as cocktail napkins. Rose said there was nothing shameful, just sarcastically whispering: “There’s nothing to say about your drink and your clothes.

This scene, specifically reflects Ms. Rose’s trade in the kind of casual aristocratic feelings, as well as her single brand of perfection.

Ms. Rose performed a baggage show at home on Tuesday.

“Lela is merciless,” decorator Celerie Kemble said, and Rose’s longtime friend. “She did not think about how to create the clothes she likes.” Ms Rose, at work, said she had an imaginary movie reel on her head: “She’s not just making clothes – she’s thinking she’s going to wear What, she will serve what food, what is the perfect cocktail to balance the mood.

long gown dress

There are ways to her crazy. Ms. Rose’s party, modeled after the traditional suitcase model, is more like a Tupperware party in a living room, but the sale of long gown dress rather than flowerpots has nothing to do with Palm Beach in the mid-1960s. There, as the legendary Lily Pulitzer began selling her fancy motifs of pink and lime transferred to close friends’ circles from the fruit stand.

Robert Burke, of New York luxury consultancy Robert Burke Associates, said: “Laila is a modern Lily.” Lilly is highly social, “said Burke.” She’s on Sunday in Palm Beach, The lunch invitation is mouth-watering. ”

Her design is festive, breeze, candid and beautiful, and Ms. Rose’s design is different.

long gown dress

Pearls range in price from about $ 155 to $ 650, and are two parts crisp and practical, and some are bubbles. A deeply rooted coral jacket can be doubled as a piece of clothing; and a quartet of tweed jackets can be worn over a tubular sleeve.

A more flamboyant side is a striped, dotted Swiss-inspired long gown dress, one at a time equivalent to Lily Pulitzer’s own flower-lace shift over a beating orange.

Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hagrid at Miss Rose’s fashion show. Credit Deidre Schoo for the New York Times
Relaxing and flirting clothes are part of the draw. Jenna Bush, a reporter for Today’s show, said: “Laila is feminine and fun.

Rose’s pedigree is also true. Her mother is a Texas art collector and Dallas’ lady, Deedie Rose. Her father was Dallas investment banker Edward Rose of Texas Rangers baseball team and Mr. Bush. Mrs. Bush is a friend of the old family and Miss Rose wants you to know. Because, as she first admitted, you’re just as good as the one you wear in a competitive fashion world.

She imagined her client as a real estate agent, as a junior philanthropist, or as president of her local P.T.A. She may reside in any of the six cities, including San Francisco, Dallas and Charlotte, North Carolina. In fact, each of these cities will be served by a stylist and hostess, carefully selected by Ms. Rose, in her own home for the far-reaching network of local clients and friends for Lela-style parties.

Rose said: “I like to create a salon elegance.” I hope everyone in every city can feel a sense of contact and community. ”

Pearls will not be sold in stores, or are now sold online, a decision that places traditional retailing as a strategic retail business.

Burke said: “This is a form of guerrilla marketing, is a direct way to connect customers.

He added: “Shopping is more than just Facebook ads and Instagram. I think people are missing out on the emotional and physical feelings of visiting stores.”

Miss Ms Rose’s fans missed the comfort of breaking bread with friends. Tireless, the designer has baked cookies. She distributes cocktail recipes and offers snacks.

“I thought of putting those snacks on the drink,” she opened her eyes but did not really ab. .

“Thank God, the office talked to me.”

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