How to Dress Up as a Growing Joe Elvin: This Year’s Power Scarf (You Already Have One!)

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In a recent incident, I clearly saw my wardrobe, and I was pleased to find the hidden treasure: a dusty, forgotten box stuffed with old scarves.

There must be about 40 little beauties, you can imagine every print and color.

I was suddenly shipped back to sometime in 2002, when I was never Long Gown Dress suppliers and did not have a thin piece of fabric, usually a Paisley print, draped over my neck and gracefully onto my jeans Knees. It is always jeans, because I was the bohemian and patron saint of Sienna Miller.

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How can I forget this gold mine? Why do I no longer wear these gold?

Indeed, somewhere early, the silk scarf ended violently abruptly. With a hive mentality, the fashion crowd kills them.

Some blame it on an item that peaked at the turn of the century, as if it also aroused hatred of any other remote accessory.

Silk scarves really is a dark era, now did not think of Audrey Hepburn fashion, but the Queen.

When the minimalist style lasts, it does not seem necessary to place the scarf around our neck.

Interestingly, I never throw myself away from that box, and it turns out that my rediscovery is timely. For silk scarves, revenge is the new power of sewing from Siberia to 2018.

Gucci’s business success as the guide, brilliant return to “ultimateism”, rekindled the need for more extra clothing we apparel needs. Luxury labels like Versace, Balenciaga and Etro have joined Gucci scarves sales. So now, whether you are in Prada or Primark mood, there is a silk scarf.

This is a delightful trend, especially since it is so affordable. Beautiful printing and color choices are endless.

A humble scarf can add a variety of your wardrobe world. Why keep them wrapped around the neck when they look great like belts, headscarves, headscarves, ties – or even straps or wristbands? Grace Kelly, the iconic scarf wearer, even used the famous Hermes square as a sling.

For most Gucci-style discoveries on the high street, try mango, where I found several beautiful flower squares. Wear a long, casual way to give your denim a little more extras.

Its lace and striped print double-hit scarf will add a sweet touch to your handbag. Customization has never been easier or cheaper.

In the meantime, I like the novel version by Donna Ida, named after Anita Pallenberg, one of the greatest scarves in history. The tie prints black, white and beautiful stars on a black or dark blue background, and can be worn long and thin, or tied in a neat, billowing bow tie.

Jess Morris, one of London’s Primrose Hill, co-founded a brand called Rockins. Her long, slender scarves come in vibrant prints that are the ideal length and weight to punch through your waistband and reshape your favorite jeans.

Even the cosmetics giant Avon has jumped up to create a signature silk scarf for Tabitha Webb, one of Pippa Middleton’s favorite designers. Tabitha loves cute prints, and her cute zebra prints are not disappointing.

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