125 pieces dress, 150 US dollars, the perfect match

A variety of Cheap Long Gown Dress can be found at Prom Resale at ShellyG Fitness Center in Rochester. Shelly Halfman Organization Choice.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Aryn Daniels, 16, returns to a jeweled royal blue robe on Saturday morning after trying on about 15 clothes.

Daniels is just one of dozens of girls looking for the perfect ball gown at the Shelly Halfman gym. Exercise equipment pushed to the side, the studio full of color, glittering and a lot of tulle.

This is Halfman’s second resale operation for ball gowns, which has attracted a lot of inventory from the prom of the past few years. The event allowed these girls to recover a little money from their original purchase, while allowing the next group of girls to keep their often-worn clothes.

“I’m the mother of a daughter with expensive gowns and I have no other place to connect people except Facebook, where they can try on and help girls get money out of their Cheap Long Gown Dress,” she said.

“This is the way to get started – I know I’m not the only one with this problem.”

Halfman starts to receive her Cheap Long Gown Dress after Christmas, which sounds early, but says many girls start searching for the spring party shortly after the holidays.

This year, Halfman has a stock of 125 items and will continue to receive dresses throughout the shopping season. Last year she had about 160 clothes and sold 60 clothes in the three days she opened her shop.

She said moving to a different space this year would allow her to be open every Saturday until the party, or until things “started to slow”.

Halfman accepted the last three years of clothing, the resale value of at least 125 US dollars; she said that the price of each piece of clothing from 150 US dollars to 225 US dollars range. She charges $ 5 for a piece of clothing, plus a commission for the sale of clothing, but the rest of the money is returned to each girl after her clothes are sold.

She said the event was marketed online primarily through Facebook, but also through word of mouth.

“We’re not trying to get people out of gowns, but to make girls wear designer dresses so they can receive some money.”

Seven girls left with prom dresses on Saturday, but others, such as Daniels, decided to keep looking.

She said many dresses have been changed – taken or shortened.

“So this is a hodgepodge of different sizes and shapes,” she said. “It’s like piecing together a puzzle to find the right girl.”

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