Golden Globe Ambassador Simone Garcia Johnson in black dress campaign

In preparation for this Sunday’s award, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hosted a Golden Globe Social Media Luncheon on Thursday highlighting this year’s Golden Globe Ambassador, Simone Garcia Johnson.

Johnson is the daughter of actor Dwayne Johnson, Corinne Foxx, daughter of former Jamie Foxx, and Margaret Gardner, a member of the HFPA, Gardiner) Long Gown Dress discussion focusing on social media, empowerment of women, and the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Johnson was the first Golden Globes ambassador for the show, formerly known as the Golden Globes and his wife.

Johnson said at this year’s Golden Globe that the latest wave of allegations of sexual harassment in Hollywood has been discussed at lunchtime, “I think this particular show is really special for the #MeToo campaign and all the women I really I’m interested to see where Hollywood is and I think it will be a very big change. ”

Johnson was shown on the red carpet earlier in the day, during which she will be wearing black clothes, joining the star-planned campaign to protest against gender inequality and sexual harassment.

“I’m proud of the women who come together and stand together because it’s not just Hollywood’s sexual harassment but all the different areas of work.” She also talked about her experience with the ambassadors of the Golden Globes , And said her favorite part was to announce the nomination. For the star she hopes to meet at the show, Johnson will closely watch Gal Gadot and Alison Brie.

Gardiner said she also plans to wear black Long Gown Dress on Earth as part of the campaign, but noted “it’s a bit controversial.”

“I think this is a good way to look at the red carpet and if you see a Black Sea, you will make a statement,” she said in the panel. “Things have to change, this is the death of all things before, and we are in a new era.”

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