“We had a great time!” Carey Mulligan, in her refreshing pink dress, took her stunning Vogue Australia shot but took a two-month break between shots son

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Carey Mulligan in a huge pink Long Gown Dress suppliers and sunglasses, posing on the rooftop in New York, looks very calm.

But the fact that a British actress hides under her cool appearance is that her two-month-old son is also filming while she is breast-feeding him.

Suffragette and An Education star also has a two-year-old daughter, opening up her commitment to work – including cover for Vogue Australia – mother.

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The 32-year-old described the shoot as saying: “We had a good time and we were crazy.I wore sunglasses and we were wearing these absolutely huge crazy robes.I loved to shoot when you could disappear.

However, the pressure of photographing a young child is nothing new to her because she said: “Like my daughter’s time.

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“Three weeks after I gave birth to a daughter, we started to publish news to Suffragette, so you just have to look back and just because it’s not like shooting and you need to use your brain at all times.” It’s more of a show. ”

The great Gatsby actress also revealed she was pregnant at six weeks when she was offered a detective protagonist at the collateral.

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But she said David Hare, the playwright and director she had worked with with Skylight, barely blinked when she was pregnant with her first child

She said: “I wrote to him:” You can never guess, but I am pregnant. Can I get pregnant?
He said: “I do not understand why. “I like he did not rewrite my character, he just did not make a fuss.

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“Life feels more real, because when you’re pregnant, you just start your life.

In a recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, she said: “I met a lot of actresses, my friends, and they were both vulnerable, but I do not think I ever felt that way.

“I feel contempt and I do not think I feel anything.For my treatment, I did experience gender discrimination, for example, when I tried to express my opinion of the script, I felt I had to work harder to hear it my voice.

Two years after marrying musician Marcus Mumford, Miss Murray now plays the Netflix line Mudbound and will lead the BBC drama “Collateral” early next year.

She will also return to the stage in February and play a woman role with Dennis Kelly, but she does not even know how she will cope with the “unbearable headache” rehearsal.

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