Selena Gomez is a maid’s honor Astonishing cousin and dream wedding

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Selena Gomez officially became the best maid in the world. No, it’s not because she did not complain about bridesmaid dresses or help sit in the seat.

At her cousin’s bridal party, super-generous singer Priscilla DeLeon surpassed your average maid obligation. When shopping with the bride, Selena surprised her with an incredible big gift – a wedding dress!

Not all brides are so fortunate that their bride’s party has a well-known athlete. But when the brides are watching their BFF’s eyes in their bridesmaids’ eyes when they say I do, they always do something worth performing.

For example, when her hometown BFF called for Taylor Swift to become a maid, she was in her heart, and a Ministry of Health speech. Runway Queen Cara Delevingne had a wedding show during her sister’s poppy wedding as a maid.

And, considering Lauren Conrad’s own line of bridesmaid dresses, she does not seem strange at her friend’s wedding.

But all those famous maids have lost the bridesmaid’s battle of the son-in-law Selena Gomez. She gave the bride a gift from Priscilla.

This weekend, Selena joined the wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress shopping for the rest of her cousin’s wedding party. As it turns out, when she bought her her dream wedding, she was surprised, I remember the original shopping trip. Yes, thanks Selena, the bride is definitely for this dress!

Thanks to Priscilla for taking Instagram to thank her cousin for giving her a special present, posting her and Selena’s photo at the bridal salon. “When your maid made your dream costume a reality and surprise you!” She gave a sweet photo. Other photos of the day include the bride, Selena, and other maids, who all celebrate the successful shopping tour with champagne glasses.

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