Scary history of fashion sufferers, women’s clothing catches fire and kills them … Including one year and sees 3,000 dead


Historically, historical stories show that DRESSES was one of the major killers of women in the 19th century and that dangerous clothing caused the death of about 3,000 in just a single year.

The problem is that modern fire-retardant materials have not been developed yet, so women have no choice but to wear clothes made of deadly materials.

These highly flammable fabrics, such as crinoline, combine Electric World with candles and gas lamps to create a deadly cocktail that has claimed thousands of lives.

An estimated 3,000 people are missing in the British medical journal Lanced, about the many murders that took place in the United States in 2014.

Women are basically killed by their Womens Sexy Dresses.

The most vulnerable are the ballerinas, who wear extremely dangerous clothing and are illuminated by open flames.

Ballet dancer Emma Livry rehearsed in 1862 when her ballet skirt burst into flames, burning almost immediately.

Dancers, somehow survived, but died of blood poisoning during the recovery.

In the same year, the entire ballet was killed, leading to the death of six dancers. At other times the entire theater was burnt down by hell fire.

Ordinary women also died because of dressing up, including a woman, after a game flames broke out, lit her clothes and played with her children at home.

The simplest mistake, such as placing yourself near a hotplate, could have killed you, just as you did two women in New York in 1862.

The shape of popular dresses at the time also contributed to further potential catastrophes, providing a perfect shape for the spread of fire.

A big skirt may make women tighten their waists, but they also create a deadly tunnel flame that ignites further.

It gives you a new sense of fashion sense.

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