Going Gold: Skater mom competes with dress

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For years, the steady pulse of the sewing machine triggered a creative gene at Susan Hubbell.

The Mattawan locals said her youthful hobbies also affected her daughter’s life after birth.

Madison Haber said: “She had tried on these ridiculous things, give me a big dress with 15 big frills.

In just a few weeks, if she participates in ice dancing with partner Zach Donahue in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics, her hobby may be on the international stage.

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Madison Haber often participates in the clothes her mother designed and made in the basement of her home. Susan Hubbell started making costumes for her daughter since she started skating.

Madison Haber said: “It’s very special, and when I can put on what she’s making, I’m sure I feel a lot of support for her.” She was very happy to be with me on the ice. ”

This can be a frustrating process for mothers and seamstresses because she has done a lot of meticulous work because they were rejected in her daily routine. One of her creations is a handmade beaded, with about 10,000 man-made diamonds after an incident.

“They like the Womens Sexy Dresses , they look pretty and everyone likes it,” said Susan Habel. “But after the first thing, when they saw the dress was moving, they thought it hid something and decided to change, and it always happened.”

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