Dalian Jinpu New Area Cultural Center held the “New Silk Road” on Sunday with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

The exhibition aims to promote traditional Chinese clothing. The event is being arranged as part of the 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival “Moon Night” celebration.

For thousands of years, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated for the moon is the largest and greatest year of the year, long gown dress as the traditional Thanksgiving paradise, earth and nature with friends and family.

Formerly known as “reunion”, people gathered together to celebrate family, friends, earth and nature.

Chinese cultural center officials said that clothing in the Chinese culture has maintained an important position for three thousand years. Moreover, the Chinese dress is magnificent and colorful.

He said that many dynasties in Chinese history have their own unique style of dress, with the dynasty change, decline or be replaced, style changes or disappear.

China’s cheongsam or Qibao, is the Manchu minority wearing the ancient clothing style evolved.

The early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), unified China, regulate the national clothing.

At that time, men wearing robes, wearing robes, and women wearing cheongsam.

Although the 1911 revolution overthrew the rule of the Qing Dynasty, but this women’s clothing in the political changes survived, with the improvement of Chinese women’s traditional dress.

According to the needs of the four seasons and the wearer, cheongsam can be long or short, no lining or the middle, made of wool or silk. Cheongsam shows a strong national flavor, reflects the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing. It not only represents the Chinese women, but also a symbol of traditional oriental clothing.

Festivals: Tenth Round “Samaa” International Spiritual Music and Singing Festival begins on Sunday in the castle of Saladin in Cairo, Egypt.

A Pakistani three-man leader led by Akbar Khamiso Khan, a famous folk legendary musician in Pakistan, took part in the festival.

Khamiso Khan is a pop musician from Pakistan who plays al-goza, which is used to play folk melodies.

Pakistan’s theater performance shocked the audience and received a well-deserved appreciation.

Performers and musicians in more than 20 countries, including Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia, Romania and Bangladesh, are attending music festivals. This festival is a step towards the long road towards the people and the country. It opens up a new window of different cultures around the world, Samaa “hearing” the art of infiltration into the human soul.

The festival will last until September 27th. Including a large gathering of diplomats to watch the show. It is an impressive expression of information and peace of the world, through the participation of different cultures from more than 20 countries around the world.

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