Amanda Holden’s exciting and exciting British talent presented a full year’s MOST Ofcom complaint

Even if the Russell brand in the comic relief during the oath did not like the British “talent” judge designer clothing as hurt.

Ofcom in the ITV Talent Competition after the live performances, she received a large number of 663 on Amanda ultra-low clothing complaints.

But the judge seems to be honored to have said Cheap Long Gown Dress earlier that people would complain to Ofcom about her dress.

£ 11,250 of Roger Macdonald won a comedy actor Roger (Roger) on Comic Relief of the bad language and gender reference complaints twice, received 340 complaints.

In the event of a technical failure, Amanda’s collar is considered for more people is offensive, rather than Russell before the watershed shouting “hell.”

Before the start of the series, Amanda told the Sun: “I can not wait to wear my clothes, they are very complimented, feminine, and some are what you expect.

“Will anyone complain to Ofcom? I hope so, I really do that, and if not, I have not finished the task yet.”

The 46-year-old judge came to the fore in this year’s show, wearing a black Julien Macdonald dress, falling on her stomach and placing her purely on her buttocks and buttocks.

The back of her robe is also as spectacular as it has been down to the top of her ass, revealing a lot of body.

She with a noble Jimmy Choo high heels.

However, with the show before the show, many viewers are angry at Amanda for wearing such amazing equipment for family programming.

Of Ofcom spokesman confirmed at the time that they had received some complaints and would consider whether to take further measures further.

“We will evaluate these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not,” the representative added.

The watchdog did not take action.

Although some of the audience told Amanda that she looked “amazing” and “stunning”, but because of the performance of the family, many people feel angry because of the lack of clothing.

On her Instagram page, an audience commented, “I’m sorry, Amanda, but this is a family show that this dress looks very cheap and annoying.

“Looks wrong because it has been cut off and you are almost never covered .. so it is not elegant.

“Mutton dressed as lamb thought!”

On Twitter, an audience said: “No one wants to see your Amanda, sorry.

“Amanda has just wore that dress! Goddddd has children watching.”

The third agrees: “I can not say Amanda’s dress is approved, this is the evening TV, which is revealed.

Another audience to share: “Amanda’s chest may have been gone? I mean, this is a family performance!”

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