Loved for their casual, laid-back feel and personality-capturing details, boho weddings are among the top trends in wedding planning. That doesn’t mean that the boho bride risks staging a run-of-the-mill wedding. Bohemian weddings are all about the individual. The perfect boho wedding captures the free-spirited, convention-defying attitude of the bride and groom. And because of the emphasis on individual tastes and personal touches, no two boho weddings are alike.

So if there is no true boho wedding style, what qualifies as a boho wedding? In general, boho weddings tend to be more casual weddings with food and décor that directly reflects the tastes of the bride and groom. If you’re looking to plan your own boho wedding, here are the details you should be looking at.


When planning a wedding, nearly every bride start with the wedding dress, and the boho bride is no exception. Just like there are no wedding conventions that fall into the Bohemian category, there are no guidelines for finding a boho wedding dress. In general, boho brides usually opt for more casual or non-formal wedding dresses. That means less structured wedding dresses without internal corsets, built-in hoops or crinoline. Here are some boho wedding dress ideas:

Flowing fabrics. Whether more formal or more casual, boho wedding dresses always incorporate a flowing materials. The dress itself can be long and free flowing, or it can be more fitted with flowing elements, such as bell or peasant sleeves, off-the-shoulder ruffles, a light-weight train or a tiered skirt.

Lace, embroidery or crochet. Textured elements are a must have for boho wedding dresses. These soft, textured details can relax the overall look of a dress to create a non-formal wedding dress. Conversely, lace or embroidery can add a bit of luxury to a more casual wedding dress style. How much or how little detail a boho wedding dress has depends on the bride: Some brides opt for dresses that are full on lace or have a crochet overlay, while other boho brides prefer a simple lace wedding dress.

Wedding dress separates. Wedding dress separates are one of the hottest trends, particularly for brides seeking boho wedding dress ideas. A looser fitting top and a flowing, or even a short, skirt are perfect for a bride seeking a casual wedding dress. A bride planning a more formal boho wedding can pair a more fitted, detailed bodice with a full, flowy skirt to honor the idea of a boho wedding dress.

Vintage appeal. The vintage wedding dress look is a popular one for boho brides. If you’re looking for vintage boho wedding dress ideas, look for flapper-inspired dresses, dresses with nipped-in waists that recall the 1940s and 1950s, or long, flowing casual wedding dresses that strike a hippie vibe from the 1960s or 1970s.

Stunning details. Because Bohemian weddings are all about expressing the individuality of the bride and groom, some sort of stunning detail is a must for a boho wedding dress. These details can include a plunging back, intricate straps, an unusual neckline or even a colored or floral-patterned wedding dress.

The bride can top her chosen look with a flower crown, for a more casual wedding, or accessorize with beautiful, vintage-inspired jewelry. Brides who want a casual boho wedding might choose to go barefoot or wear simple sandals. Statement or vintage shoes also can help a boho bride create a unique wedding look.

To finish out the bridal party, boho bridesmaid’s dresses often have the same elements as boho wedding dresses. Meanwhile, the groom can wear a non-formal linen tux, or a tux in an unusual color or pattern. For a completely casual boho wedding look, the groom can even wear a simple pair of khakis and a loose-fitting white shirt.


After the bridal look, the boho wedding is all about the venue, and the boho bridal venue must strike an unconventional note. Many boho couples choose outdoor settings, from beaches to farms to mountainsides. For an indoor Bohemian wedding, look for unique or historical venues, such as rustic barns, Victorian estates or even historic warehouses. More and more, boho couples are planning weddings that emphasize local treasures. If you’re searching for a venue for your boho wedding, you can’t go wrong with a local landmark or venue that’s unique to your hometown.

When it comes to choosing vendors for your boho wedding venue, the key, again, is to focus on local. Local beers and wines are perfectly on-trend for boho weddings, and couples are eschewing traditional wedding food and instead serving local specialties or even barbecue to create a more casual wedding atmosphere.

Creating a casual wedding atmosphere with boho décor

Ultimately, the thing that sets the tone for a Bohemian wedding is the décor. For a boho wedding, keep the décor eclectic and unique. As a boho wedding dress should reflect the bride’s personality and style, boho wedding décor should reflect the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. Often, boho décor is used to create a more casual wedding atmosphere, even for more formal boho chic weddings. Here are some ways to use your wedding décor to create a casual, boho wedding atmosphere:

Natural flower arrangements. Like the rest of a boho wedding, the flowers tend to be less conventional. For a casual wedding look, flower arrangements should have different textures and colors, and can incorporate natural elements like shells, flower or even pinecones. The arrangement themselves should be looser and less structured than traditional wedding flowers.

Mismatched dinnerware. To create an eclectic, casual boho feel, opt for china or flatware that is mismatched. Choose subdued pieces with similar color palates to keep the look cohesive.

Textiles. Textiles — think throw pillows, tapestries and seat cushions — are a must for a boho wedding. Textiles create texture, depth and warmth, making the venue seem more casual and welcoming. As with the dinnerware, look for pieces in subdued colors and in similar palates.

Romantic lighting. To create a light, romantic, ethereal vibe, every boho wedding needs some sort romantic lighting. Fairy lights, bistro lights, lantern or candles placed around your venue will add to the casual romance of your boho wedding.

Focusing on your unique boho wedding style

To ensure that your boho wedding captures your unique style, your wedding should include details that represent your personality and your interests. A boho wedding can be eclectic, but to avoid having a cluttered, chaotic feel, focus on one or two elements of your wedding that really encapsulate who you are. If your beach venue is what you love most about your boho wedding, focus on beachy details and a subtle beach theme. If you, as a couple, enjoy traveling, incorporate vintage suitcases and maps into your décor.

Casual boho style shouldn’t emphasize any theme too highly, but having a focus as you plan your boho wedding will help you to create a cohesive event that represents who you are. Because remember: The boho wedding is really about creating a unique event that represents your free spirit. Browse our very own collection of bohemian bridal gowns. Happy shopping!

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