Stand Out From The Crowd with 8 Street Style

In the fashion industry, street style has always been popular and desired, especially in recent years. As we know, a person can make a style statement and show their personal character through clothes and accessories. In this case, street style can help you show your identity and authentic self through subcultural and crossover styles or trends. Oftentimes, what happens outside the show even becomes a reference for what we will actually wear in the next season.

Street style carries a comprehensive fashion approach, embracing different styles which is based on individualism. It doesn’t even always focus on current trends. Street style is like your solo show, or maybe your small stage, where you will find no limits to flaunt any look you desire according to your mood. This style is a fashion trend that is viral, instant, and addictive, as it can be consumed and recreated easily.

Although you can actually create your own style, jotting down some inspiration for the looks below will enrich your mix-and-match ideas. From bustiers that are a hot topic to baggy jeans that never look out of style, keep reading to check out 8 street style looks that will get you noticed and turn heads!

1. Skirt Over Dress, A Gorgeous One!

The best thing about following street style is that you can discover unique, but gorgeous, styles that you didn’t even think about before. Layering a mini skirt over a shirt dress seems like a ridiculous thing. Are you sure? With all the layering trends, even the ones we’re doing with tops and sweaters, why shouldn’t we experiment with midi shirt dresses and mini skirts?

The combination of a midi shirt dress and mini skirt magically makes you look sophisticated in an instant. Start with a loose shirt dress then layer a bodycon mini skirt, either leather or jeans, it will be stunning and perfect for defining your look. Complete your outfit with a pair of ankle boots and glasses. This style is being crazed by street-style junkies, and you don’t need to ask why!

2. Comfy And Colorful

When you want a comfortable outfit that could turn anyone’s head, multicolored knits are the key. Trend rotation brings this item to peak popularity in the warmer months. The bright colors and unique patterns that pop on a chunky knit will work perfectly with many types of bottoms, like jeans or a midi skirt. For a feminine yet cozy look, pair it with a flyaway pleated skirt and your favorite sneakers. Now you’re ready to get the spotlight!

3. Adorable Bustier Is A Must Have

Whether you realize it or not, a bustier is actually a versatile fashion item. It can be worn in various styles. Just put it on, layer it on top of button-down shirts, or wear it under classy blazers, either way, will look flattering. Bustiers not only look sexy with their iconic design, but they can also give you a sleek and elegant silhouette when they hug you.

If you’re not too confident wearing a bustier as a solo top, you can layer it over your mini-shirt dress. The combination of a plain white dress and denim bustier is completely stunning, that’s undeniable. A fashionable bustier is a must-have in your capsule wardrobe, as it can be worn stylishly on casual days or become a staple for party season.

4. Stand Out Accessories

The easiest way to get people to notice you is by adding pop-colored accessories to your outfit. Accessories can elevate your style and make it more attractive. However, remember to stick to the rules, don’t overdo it. Choose one or two to compliment your look, whether it’s jewelry, a bag, a belt, glasses, or something else.

You can steal this gorgeous look. The combination of navy blue and black may seem a bit gloomy. But look what that belt bag and socks do, they light up the whole look! Bright red never fails to steal attention, don’t you agree?

5. Classy Leather Coat

Guess what is waiting for you ahead when the temperature dips. Of course, it’s coat season!

When it comes to fashionable street style, a leather coat will never be the wrong choice for anyone. Leather is a vintage style that gives you a classy impression without looking excessive. Whether it’s a recent purchase or actually from your old collection, layering a long leather coat will always add elegance to your outfit. To get the It Girl label, don’t forget to wear a pair of ankle boots and a minimalist handbag as a compliment.

6. See Through Style

Following the comeback of Y2K fashion, the see-through style has become one that can be easily found on the streets. Items made from iconic see-through fabric, whether it’s a dress, blouse, or skirt, will never fail to make people swoon at you. The layering technique is the key to getting a characterful yet fashionable look. Try this gorgeous monochrome style, by layering a see-through dress over a bra top and biker shorts. Amazing!

7. Silver Jewelry

Silver tones are all the rage on the runways this year, and one of the quickest ways to adopt the trend is adding silver jewelry to your outfit. Even though it’s a small detail, jewelry can elevate and make a big difference to your look. The idea of ​​wearing silver jewelry is the best decision to get anyone’s attention in an elegant way. Apart from earrings and necklaces, you can even wear an eye-catching chain belt to define your look.

8. The Immortal Baggy Jeans

Street style feeds us with many styling trends that are much easier to recreate, one of which is jeans. Who doesn’t have jeans in their wardrobe? No one will argue, jeans absolutely have a popularity that knows no bounds. Among the many types, baggy jeans seem to be one of the most easily identified in popular street style.

Baggy jeans are very comfortable and always trendy. This item is also very flexible when combined with anything in your wardrobe. To level up your look, wear a cropped blazer over your low-rise jeans. If you have a classy handbag, don’t hesitate to carry it. The chic style is now yours!

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