How To Match an Off-Shoulder Crop Top

One more top that you must have this season, is the off-shoulder crop top! The off-shoulder neck style itself was originally used as a party dress design in the 17th century, then its popularity began to grow and the design evolved into boho and gypsy with a variety of slick mix and match. Currently, it has become a fashion item that knows no boundaries and is always popular every year.

Off-shoulder crop tops are almost perfect for pairing with any bottom, from jeans, culottes, and shorts to skirts. Fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot and Gigi Hadid have also proven that this top has an extraordinary wow effect that can make you look effortlessly stunning. It can create a casual to elegant impression, depending on how you style it.

These tops are actually very easy to match, and you can wear them for many occasions, including any upcoming vacations you may have planned. To inspire your styling ideas, check out these 6 fabulous mix-and-match off-shoulder crop tops below!

1. A Style That Can Never Go Wrong With Your Favorite Jeans

When it comes to the most effortless styling, we can’t possibly forget our favorite item of all time, the pair of jeans. The combination of the two creates a simple look but the gorgeous impression is unbeatable. Jeans will always go flattering for any combination. This leaves you with no restrictions on choosing any design and color for your off-shoulder crop top, the style is completely yours.

You can combine cotton or knit tops and loose jeans, then wear your comfortable sneakers for a casual but stylish look. You can also get an adorable look easily from a top with a puff sleeve design. Try pairing it with your favorite ripped jeans and platform sandals, this could be your signature look.

2. Combine With Wide Pants For Your Vacation Outfit

You’ve probably already made a lot of plans for your upcoming summer vacation, and of course, planning your holiday outfits should not be forgotten, because this is the best part. Vacation outfits are supposed to prioritize comfort and practicality, but you definitely want to look fabulous while visiting various tourist destinations, don’t you? If so, an off-shoulder crop top is a must-have item in your suitcase.

To make your vacation even more stylish, try pairing your off-shoulder crop top with comfortable wide pants, for example, high-waisted culottes. Choose materials that are comfortable to wear and absorb sweat well such as linen or cotton. High-waisted bottoms not only make your look trendy but also keep you comfortable while wearing short tops. Even without accessories, you can get a fashionable look instantly, because the top itself is already pretty.

3. Standout With Color Blocking Style

Feel free to play with vibrant colors. Color blocks are an easy way to steal attention, and look energetic, confident, and more attractive. Even though it’s quite tricky sometimes, if you nail it, you can get a completely stunning look!

The color-blocking style can be one of your summer vacation outfit ideas. Challenge yourself by pairing a bright yellow off-shoulder crop top and green shorts for a playful, tropical vibe. As for accessories, of course, sunglasses and tassel earrings are a must-have for the holidays.

4. Amaze Everyone With Your Elegant Flower Skirt

Need outfit ideas for a date night or after-work party? Try this elegant style!

Off-shoulder crop tops don’t always carry a casual look, they can even transform into any style, including feminine and elegant ones. Your blacktop might look casual for hanging out with your girls when you combine it with jeans, but it can also be a flattering outfit for a party. For a proper look, pair your black off-shoulder crop top with a floral skirt which has been the Trend of the Year for the past few years. Choose a satin skirt with a sheen that looks classy and luxurious. You can wear a pearl necklace or a wide choker to make your look even more elegant. Finally, wear killer heels to make your steps more confident.

5. Effortlessly Classy In An Off-Shoulder Crop Top And Flare Pants

Who says classy style requires a lot of effort and formula? If you have an off-shoulder crop top and flare pants, then that classy look is yours!

Trust me, these pants that are widened from the knee down are chic outfits that you can always find on the street style during fashion week and even worn by fashion icon celebrities like Victoria Beckham. There’s no reason to miss it. Meanwhile, an off-shoulder crop top in a wrap style can be a fashion statement that will completely elevate your look. Pairing the two in a monochrome color gives your style a touch of class that no one will deny.

6. Adorable And Girly With Off-Shoulder Crop Top And Long Eyelet Skirt

Saia longa

Another vacation outfit idea you should give a try! Tops with puffy sleeves have never lost their fans, even now the designs are more varied which seems to call you to wear them. This top is one of the cutest items you should wear on vacation. Pick up an off-shoulder top with puff sleeves and a ruched seam on the chest that makes the neckline look cuter. Pair it with a long A-line skirt with eyelet detail for a vintage vibe. The combination of a blue top and white bottoms looks fresh to wear during the holidays. You definitely won’t get bored taking cute selfies in this adorable outfit!

Well, doesn’t everything seem flattering? Have you decided which outfits you want to try first?

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