If you got to see the fashion of the ’90s, you know that this was the best time and it was for the grunge style, thanks to the musicians of that type this style became viral in the fans and transcended to high fashion, Models, Celebrities, everyone wanted to wear this messy style that didn’t need much fixing, designers like Marc Jacobs popularized this style more and made it fashionable and after that everyone wanted that style.

You could see celebrities on the red carpets adapting this fashion in a way that was not as hardcore as it really was and that is how the romanticization of this style began to this day, that even YSL made it part of their designs since Hedi Slimane arrived as director and has turned them into that rock & roll band that everyone wants to have, all their clothes are desired since they leave the catwalk.

You can find many garments like this in brands like Zara and Mango, obviously designed in much more casual ways so that you can use them in any context you have, these types of garments made of leather and unstained fabrics become very elegant garments if you know how to accessorize them and add shine to make them more wearable and not just statement pieces that you only use once a year.

Among our favorites are the jackets and the pants, I think that these two represent this very strong style and they are garments that you can wear for many years because the design does not go out of style and becomes a classic every time you wear it, the dark colors are very versatile so you can use them day and night knowing your style. Obviously, with the fashion updates and trends, you are not going to be able to use the style in such a specific way as in the 90s in terms of hair and makeup, but the clothes have not changed much and even many of those clothes are used today. in the day and you can get it at any thrift store or your favorite store.

Leather is the most used and as you know, leather has become a basic and you can have it present in all the clothes you want, whether in jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, skirts, dresses, thanks to grunge we have this material as present in fashion as never before and we love it. And denim is the second most used in a more relaxed way, as in wide-leg pants and in worn colors or black.

If you are looking for a more masculine touch in your wardrobe, this is the best way to do it without having to wear many oversized clothes, the wild style is a good way to look carefree and not have to look perfect all the time, in this 2022 black It’s still a favorite so take advantage of it and build your style however you want this season so you can wear for so many years more.

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