Hot Trend: What to Wear in March

A shopping spree is the best remedy for the winter blues, so now is the time to choose your distinctive look for the forthcoming spring season. The best spring ensembles aren’t simply for pleasant weather: They’re the antithesis to the comfy loungewear and essential layers of the previous months.

Shop the outfits of the ladies who know how to wear the trends, from the perfect midi skirt to a cast of standout blazers and a fresh approach to blending prints. It’s never too early to start writing your spring-style story, and it doesn’t matter if the flowers haven’t bloomed yet. 

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has a lot to offer between the start of fashion month and Valentine’s Day. And, regardless of how the season plays out, there are plenty of dresses to choose from that will suit both early spring and lengthy winter.

Despite the fact that February is the month of love, if puff sleeves and ruffles aren’t your things, there are plenty of other options. Starting with strong spring fundamentals is the key to having the perfect spring wardrobe. You’ll be able to mix and match with ease if you have a strong wardrobe of fundamentals.

Here are some of our favorite spring looks, as well as our favorite components from each look that you can shop.

Cropped White Flare Jeans & Floral

always provides a fantastic range of wardrobe ideas for every one of us And Reese Witherspoon’s ensemble, in particular, is packed with on-trend elements. The cropped white flare jeans and flowery shirt are ideal for the spring season!

Lightweight Cardis & Sandals

Longer, lighter cards are ideal for keeping the spring chill off your shoulders. Start layering (lightly) and wearing your favorite sandals.

Jean Jacket & Skirts w/ Booties

Because spring might still be cold, it’s fine to wear your favorite boots and jean jacket while flashing a little leg. We were instantly intrigued by the embroidery and combination of styles when we saw this elegant outfit on Glamour. You can achieve the same thing with your own closet if you combine some edginess with more feminine things.

Culottes w/ Tees & Sneakers

Culottes have made a comeback! If you’re having trouble styling your own pair, have a look at Pinterest. This laid-back outfit is complete with a striped shirt and traditional white tennis shoes. If you have a pair of jeans with a tie at the waist, tuck your shirt in to show off that lovely detail.

Distressed Pants & Pops of Mustard

When it comes to lady’s clothing, Sequins & Things provides a lot of amazing options. This simple combo is also one of our favorites. Distressed jeans, a cardigan, and strappy heels are a combination that flatters everyone.

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing is all about outfits that make you happy, from bright colors that quickly excite you to items that seem to put you in a good mood when you put them on. Consider neons, vibrant solids, tie-dye styles, and colorful patterns.

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