Why And How Did Shapewear Arrive in Our Wardrobes?

What is shapewear lingerie?

Shapewear lingerie redraws the silhouette by erasing “small flaws”. Sculpting bottoms were originally functional, like the first girdles which offered a flat stomach effect and refined the hips. Today, a new wind is blowing in the world of female shapewear lingerie. Aesthetics take precedence over practicality. The shaping underwear, from the high panties to the bustier, is always intended to sculpt the silhouette in a harmonious way. But Sculptshe sets about making these sets elegant, sensual, and sexy sets that meet the tastes of all women. Sculpting lingerie is adorned with low-cut pieces, noble, sensual fabrics, and a vast palette of colors.

The creators of corsetry are also demonstrating technological innovations by always looking for new aesthetic materials, comfortable and able to redraw the body. Slimming lingerie or shapewear has many smart models to visibly reduce the waistline. The sheathing panty or the bottom of the dress are then designed to reduce cellulite and attenuate these small defects that we would like to camouflage.

The history of shapewear: from the Renaissance to today’s sculpting lingerie

From François 1er, women’s underwear is experiencing a revolution. They will gradually acquire a real aesthetic dimension. The Renaissance first saw the appearance of the “farthingale” which is in the form of a bead placed around the hips to give fullness to a dress. This accessory is worn with a pointed bodice stiffened by a blade of wood, metal, or ivory. It helps to considerably modify the silhouette of the woman. In the 17th century, courtiers developed a craze for lace. This refined sheer curtain, a symbol of luxury and elegance is displayed everywhere, even in privacy. The corset, if it remains rigid, becomes shorter. Worn only by aristocratic women, it helps give their bust a conical shape. Laced at the front, the corset reveals the shirt and is already adorned with small bows.

It was not until the 18th century, a period of Rococo and libertinism, that we saw the appearance of silk petticoats, adorned with ribbons and lace. Doctors of the time denounced the harmful effects of whales on the female body. Under puffy dresses, the corsetry became more flexible, especially in the 19th century. The Belle Époque corset rests on the hips and stops under the breasts. These are the beginnings of the push-up effect. The changes were then radical at the beginning of the 20th century: the chest was erased while the legs were revealed under less restrictive clothing. It is the lingerie of the 1930s and 1940s which will give shape to women, in particular thanks to the use of more and more flexible and elastic fibers. Bra wearing is becoming more and more common.

Then the basque and balconette bra is born. The 1950s chest is characterized by its “shell” shape. Protruding chest, hourglass figure, and rounded hips: this is the golden age of the pin-up. The 1960s saw a woman’s body become free and undressed. Possessing assertive sexuality, the woman of the 1980s was fond of tight-fitting outfits. Comfort and seduction go hand in hand.

Women these days want to feel good the way they are. Shapewear lingerie, a real trendy phenomenon, is chic and elegant. In the vein of body-positive, it helps women feel good about themselves.

Between shapewear and body-positive for her lingerie

If there was a time when the diktats of thinness pushed to compress into skimpy underwear, today, sculpting lingerie wants to be on the contrary an ally of women who wish to assert their morphology while feeling beautiful and desirable. Whatever her figure, every woman likes to be highlighted and see her sublimated curves. This is the purpose of shapewear lingerie, which is feminine down to the details. Lace, guipure, embroidery … aesthetics merge with well-being.

This lingerie, which reshapes and curves, has become an asset of seduction for all women. The shapewear adapts to all silhouettes, luscious or round, but also slim, slender, petite, or with a generous bust. Today, it goes beyond its functional aspect to appeal to women in search of the perfect balance between comfort, support, and style.

Proudly worn shapewear lingerie

Slim shapewear is writing a new chapter in its history. This underwear, delicate to the touch, pleasant to wear, hug the body, and gently shape. This sensual lingerie provides the desired support while allowing absolute freedom.

Shapewear and sculpting lingerie from the brand Sculptshe

Shapewear is shaking up codes and increasingly revealing sensual and assertive shapes with plunging or plunging necklines. Irresistibly sexy, the shaping bodysuit enhances feminine assets. In the top-down trend, the sculpting bodysuit can be worn like a top under a very chic blazer jacket.

On the bottom side, the bottom of the dress or the panty to slip under a tight dress come to sweep away the complexes. Butt lifter straps have their place in the feminine wardrobe. Retro vintage fashion gives pride of place to high-waisted models and shapes the buttocks and draws pretty feminine curves. All shapewear lingerie is intended to be a symbol of femininity.

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