6 Types of Fall Flats Shoe t Wear with Floral Dress

When it comes to footwear selection, we always try to recommend comfort over style as how you feel always affects the way you look. If you are not used to super-high stilettos and can’t spend a couple of hours in a standing position or if you don’t know how to walk in high heels – the chances are your night out will be ruined because you won’t feel confident no matter how much you try. Flat shoes are a great option for all those ladies who still want to look fashionable and feminine but they don’t always enjoy wearing high heels. Today we selected our favorite styles that go really well with floral dresses and are suitable for both late summer and early fall. Have a look!

1. Pointed Open-back Flats

Stylish and eye-catching, pointed open-back flats in elegant electric blue (as in the main picture) are a great choice for every fashionista out there.

2. Ballerinas

Ballet flats are super comfortable and suitable to wear both with jeans and skirts/dresses. Choose bright fuchsia or chic camel!

3. Tie-up Ballerinas

Another version of ballet shoes which is suitable to wear mainly with skirts and dresses. Perfect for all floral midi and maxi outfits that are in fashion this season. You can also wear tie-up ballerinas with stylish culottes or shorter jeans. They will look interesting and very feminine.

4. Sophisticated Mules

Another option for summer or early fall – black mules. This type of shoe is very elegant and sophisticated. Wear them with a variety of outfits – both pants and dresses. The shiny black color will look super stylish for this season.

5. Classic Tennis Shoes

Another option will be suitable for all ladies who love the comfort and are looking for something simple yet chic. Classic tennis shoes can be worn with A-line skirts, even in a darker color (have a look at the example above).

6. Suede Ankle Boots

Our absolute favorite for colder days – suede ankle boots in light beige. In case you haven’t heard it yet: beige is one of the most popular colors this season, especially when it comes to footwear. Take advantage of this cool trend and invest in a pair of chic boots as soon as possible! Recommended to wear with midi and maxi dresses or skinny/boyfriend jeans. We hope that you enjoyed our footwear guide and our selection of flat shoes to wear with floral dresses. Which type of shoes will you choose?

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