Mullet Haircuts for Women to Try Right Now

Photo by of Miley Cyrus in mullet hairstyle

Probably you’re looking for a new haircut or hairstyle that you want for a change. Something convenient and easy to maintain? You should better try a mullet hairstyle, with formal short hair and bangs in front and long hair at the back. This style has been popularized in the early 80s to 90s and is often seen with our rock bands and icons. If you think that this type of hairstyle is not in trend today, you’re mistakenly wrong about that. It has been spotted as a hairstyle for celebrities and famous people such as Miley Cyrus. Mullet hairstyle will indeed make its appearance and comeback this 2021!

Shaggy Look!

This type of variation of mullet hairstyle comes with long bangs that are cut in half. It looks like hair that is brushed by the wind! Shag-like layers in different lengths characterize this mullet.

You might also want to add a bit of extension to your hair if you feel like the strands are not enough!

Blonde that Hair!

Well, aside from the haircut itself, you can make things look cool by dying your hair and adding some taste of color with it! Though this kind of hairstyle needs a lot of care and high maintenance.

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Modern Mullet Look!

This mullet style has a blend of vintage and modern look, with its long hair at the back up to the shoulder and clean short bangs waving at the side! A little finished/clean cut above the ear with some layering.

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Curl That Up!

If you’re a fan of curls, then you can pull off this kind of mullet hairstyle! Just get an excellent curling iron to create this kind of look and appearance correctly.

There are many curling irons that you can buy online, but we can find a cheap, durable, and high-quality product! Grab this iron for your hair to successfully make your mullet curly!

Short Bangs!

Another version of the mullet hairstyle; super short bangs with long back hair! This type of style helps emphasize your whole face features. If you’re confident with your face beauty, you should try this out.

Mullet hairstyle has this kind of unique feeling about them. Though not everyone is familiar with this kind of haircut yet, it is worth styling off! If you want something for a change this year, start it with your hair.

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