A Red Lip Color That Combines Elegance and Sexiness

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Most women love makeup and enjoy it. To explore what will suit her best, what color of powder will suit her complexion, what colors of shadows will emphasize her eye color … And when it comes to lips, there has always been and will always be red lipstick.

The history of red lips

Red lipstick is actually the first lipstick to appear, probably to emphasize the natural color of the lips, only intensified. From the appearance of makeup until today, nothing as elegant as red lipstick has appeared. It was worn by all the most beautiful women in the past, but even today they do not lag behind. One that stands out when it comes to red lipstick is definitely Marilyn Monroe. Her blonde hair, hairy eyes, and sensual lips are what they made of her and she is definitely an icon of the beauty of all time. She often accentuated her sex appeal and elegance with red on her lips.

The right shade of red lipstick for you

There are women who avoid red lipstick, and this happens most often because they think it does not suit them well. In 99% of cases, these women make mistakes because they did not find the right shade for themselves. Namely, there are many different shades of red rose and each of them is intended for a different skin type. A cold red that has a blue in it will look good on most women, while one that has a yellow on it will look better on dark-skinned women or women who have a very white complexion.

How to combine red lipstick

When it comes to combining red lipstick with the rest of the makeup, the thing is very clear – the less is more, which means that if you accentuate your lips with red, which is striking in itself, you should be more reduced when choosing eye makeup. The most iconic duo of all time when it comes to red lipstick is the perfect black eyeliner next to it. That doesn’t mean this is the only option. In addition, you can combine all shades of brown on the eyes, especially warm ones. Whether you choose the first or the second option, one thing is for sure, red lipstick on your lips will emphasize your sexiness and elegance, which will surely attract your attention wherever you appear.

In addition to combining with the rest of the makeup, it is also important what you wear from the clothes in it. The most famous combination with red lipstick is definitely the black tight dress, which you can’t go wrong with and which will further emphasize the elegance you wear.

Various red lipstick texts

We all know about the standard lipstick that has been around for years, but as the makeup industry is expanding, many new forms of lipstick have emerged. One of them is a liquid lipstick, which has been the most popular since it appeared. Mostly because of its longevity and color intensity, which can last for hours, next to it, there are of course about shines. They are for those a little bolder or those who do not like the feeling that liquid lipsticks leave on the lips, they will make your lips even more sensual and sexy. For those who do not want to emphasize the red color on the lips, there are labels in color, which will subtly emphasize your lips and thus your elegance.

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