How to Wear Bodycon Dresses?

bodycon dress for women

You’d like to get in on some of that action. Before you rush out and get that hot number you’ve seen in the store windows, you’ll need to know how to wear them so that your moment of triumph doesn’t turn sour.

People usually confuse the bodycon dress with the bandage dress. While they both hug your figure, the bodycon doesn’t provide shaping or support. The thin material doesn’t make it easy to conceal body flaws because the dress hugs the shape of your body. The bodycon refers to “body-confidence”; the dress’s design enables it to hug the landscape of your body and show off your figure.

As the name implies, confidence is the first thing you need when wearing bodycon dresses. We have put this article together to help you figure out the rest. 


The form-fitting nature of bodycon dresses means that underwear that leaves outlines is a big no-no. You need to carefully consider the panties and bras or the best cheap lingerie, you wear with the bodycon dress. Panty styles that might work are G-strings, boy shorts, and seamless panties. Choose whichever you are more comfortable with for that classy look.

Bras should match the design of your dress. Bras with clear straps might help if you need the support of a bra but don’t want it to show. Also, adhesive bras can work wonders.


You might need to consider HexinFashion shapewear to smooth out any bumps, or give you the body shape you want. Shapewear goes under the dress. The cardinal rule of shapewear is that it should not be obvious. It should look completely natural.

Consider your body type
Women come in all shapes and sizes. For you to look good in a bodycon dress requires you to select one that compliments your shape.  General shapes can include; rectangular, hourglass, pear, and apple. Here is a general guide to picking the bodycon dress style for your body shape:

  • Rectangular: your shoulders and hips are about the same width. Dresses with large patterns might work best for you
  • Hourglass: the hourglass shape is probably the best to have if you’re wearing a bodycon dress. The hourglass shape has a narrow waist with hips and shoulders being close in width.
  • Pear: the hips are wider than the shoulders. Dresses with top patterns might suit you better
  • Apple: the shoulders are slightly wider than the hips. Dresses that highlight your legs might work best for you.

What to wear over the dress

Bodycon dresses make enough of a statement on their own that they don’t need over-wear. However, you might choose to add a jacket or coat in cooler weather. Shawls, wraps, and/or belts might add a bit of flair and color to the dress. They might also help to accentuate a feature you’re proud of, such as your waist.

The good thing about bodycon dresses is that there is something for everyone. HexinFashion provides bodycon dresses wholesale. Pay attention to what works for you and don’t forget: looking good in a bodycon dress depends largely on your confidence. A little boldness will go a long way.

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