Short Denim Jacket with Small Waist


The denim jacket is an evergreen garment that never goes out of fashion. And during the autumn and spring seasons, it becomes a must to always have on hand to complete our outfits. It must be admitted that there are various models on the market at the moment, from wide or narrow, long or short. But since in this article, we are talking about a narrow waist. We need to dwell on this point for a moment, understanding that you can actually afford to wear any model you want without any problem. But certainly, the model that suits this type of body the most is the short and tight model!

The denim fabric has dressed for countless generations since it was invented in the 1950s. From that moment on, the life of every human being has changed and each of us has at least one garment in his wardrobe in jeans, trousers or a jacket. In the end, this fabric accompanies us in all our outfits. And as regards the jackets, especially in autumn and spring, where it is used as outerwear to shelter from the last or first colds and to create many styles with this evergreen garment!

Well, if we pause for a moment to think. There are many outfits that we can create using this type of jacket. It can be used directly over the jeans, in three different ways: choosing the two garments of the same color; creating a sort of co-ordinated set; wearing the jeans or the jacket with a softer color than the other. Or, again, creating a contrast of colors between the two garments, for example, white jeans and a classic blue jacket. Furthermore, speaking of a short jacket and having the good fortune of having a narrow waist, it becomes almost obligatory to show some part of our body, such as the navel, by taking advantage of a nice crop top or corset; Alternatively, any type of t-shirt to be inserted inside the jeans or skirt is always welcome. Yes, this last garment that can be perfectly used, perhaps a full skirt or pencil skirt to enhance your waist and to give life to a youthful look that enhances your beautiful shapes to the maximum!

But the combinations did not end there. Because no one forbids you to use your denim jacket over a beautiful dress. A satin dress used over your jacket creates a beautiful mix of elegant fabric with a fabric that is used every day. For a classic style, on the other hand, you can also opt for dresses that we use more often, such as a striped dress or a polka dot dress. Which are perfectly suited to denim fabric, or opt for a simple black or white dress. Perhaps using a pair of sports shoes, or colors such as beige, yellow, and red, simple or opposite colors that adapt perfectly to your jacket! So get ready to wear your jacket by enhancing your body in the right way. And if you choose a colored jacket, be creative with the advice I just gave you!

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