Different People Suit Different Eyeshadows


Let’s start by saying that we firmly believe, everyone woman should wear any makeup she likes. There are no specific rules to follow. If you love an eyeshadow shade you must totally wear it. However, there are certain colors and shades that look gorgeous when paired with different eye colors and skin tones. With the variety of shades and eyeshadow palettes available in the market, it is important to know which color complements the best with your eye color and the look you want to go for. Women usually go for eye looks that match their attire, however, we recommend you must choose the shades that naturally enhance your eye color and matches well with your complexion and hair color.

Every persons’ eye is different in color, shape, and size. Nonetheless, the eyes are the most beautiful feature on the human face. There is a saying eye is a window to your soul and when we meet someone we first look into their eyes. Enhancing and applying some makeup to your eyes will make them even more beautiful. In order to beautify your peepers, you need to know some basic tips and tricks.

While you already know about eyeshadows, if you are new to makeup, eyeshadow is an eye makeup that comes in various formulation and colors, but the most common is in the fine powder form. It is used to add color to your eyes while making them look beautiful and enhance the color of your eyes. Based on your eye color we recommend you try these kinds of shades.

If you have blue eyes, which belongs to the cool tone family, contrasting warm shades will brighten the blue color of your eyes. Using warm earthy tones, taupe, and slate gray will look beautiful and appealing. However, for a more flattering modern look, you can also use shades of amethyst, purple, etc.  

While for gray eyes it is using smoky colors and shades of gray will bring out the green, brown or blue undertones effectively.

Light brown eyes are considered versatile. They can pull off any color. However, try using warm reddish browns, golden, etc. and for a more dramatic eye look choose darker shades.

For your beautiful green eyes try vivid colors to enhance them. Shades of purple, plum, and mauve will bring out the vibrancy of your green eyes. Using brown shades with specs of gold and bronze also looks pretty.

Hazel eyes on the other hand belong to the mix of green and brown eye families. So, they can play with shades of purples, plums, browns, golden, reddish-brown tones, etc.

If you have gorgeous dark brown or black eyes, you are lucky as all the colors blend well with this eye color. The best eyeshadow shades are bold colors like cobalt blue, teal, amethyst, bronze, rust, dark greens, purples, plums, etc. It is suggested that using green will amplify the golden-brown hues in your eyes. Besides these shades come in handy to depth and dimension to the eyes. Using black liner and mascara to create the illusion of bigger bolder eyes and more alluring.


It is always great to play with colors. However, we highly recommend trying these shades for your eyes respectively to see the difference.

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