Short Coat, Layering is King

winter coat

The bad weather has arrived, summer is over and here we are already in autumn. The time has come to take out the coats from our wardrobes, which are fundamental for our autumn looks, being the most relevant part of our look when it’s cold outside! In autumn, however, it is good not to overdo it with overly heavy coats, because the sudden changes in temperature and heat waves when we have to be away from home for a long time are always around the corner. It is therefore better to dress in layers, so wearing coats that do not cover our butt, in such a way as to show off, for a little while longer, a warm look but at the same time a little lighter! So here are the most fashionable short coats for this fall you cannot miss for no reason!

Short synthetic fur coat

Black, white, or colored, the synthetic fur coat above the hips is ideal for those who want to create an original and semi-elegant look. It is soft, fun, perfect for the day and for the evening. The most popular colors are beige, brown, and white, absolutely to be approved. It fits very well with jeans and sneakers, and at the same time, it is perfect for the most sophisticated dresses. In addition, it suits everyone, even those who are not tall or thin: it simply deals with volumes. Avoid it only if you are going to eat at McDonald’s or a Chinese restaurant, or passing the laundry is guaranteed!

Fluffy jacket

Short and voluminous, puffy, and oversized, they are so fashionable! Short and voluminous bomber jackets remain super trendy: maybe avoid them if you suffer a lot from cold temperatures.

Cropped leather jacket

An evergreen, inevitable in the wardrobe of each of us. If you don’t even have one, I recommend starting with a simple black model, usable all year round, even under a coat to feel less cold, on multiple occasions: to play down an elegant dress, to go to school or work, to go out with friends on the weekend or for a dinner over a chic outfit.

Biker and shearling jacket

The sheepskin manages to combine practicality and style, especially the sheepskin biker jacket. It does not stretch or lengthen the figure, but I recommend it: you just need to compensate with the rest of the look!

Denim jacket

I love the denim jacket, I have so many of it. In every shape and color, and it can be worn in many ways being very versatile. Such as with skinny black jeans and a warm sweater. Or you can create a double denim look, which never tires but is always beautiful to look at.

Blazer with belt

A very sexy and feminine garment, to be combined with trousers of the same print or color or to be worn with bare legs and a stiletto heel. Simply perfect for sunny autumn days where you want to show some of your skin that is still a little tanned!

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