Popular Hair Color Trends for Fall 2020

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We blinked, and the summer is almost over and in no time fall and autumn will be at our doorsteps, with pumpkin spice lattes making the rounds on our social media feeds. With the pandemic still in motion, after the lockdown of nearly six months, the salons are slowly re-opening and they are getting plenty of requests for fresh new hair color. Besides, our favorite celebrities have started to change and try on some new hair colors. However, due to the current situation, people are opting for a simple low maintenance style, that can stay on for longer without any touchups needed. But we also want to say that the best color for you is whichever hair color you like.

This fall we will see shades like brighter versions of reds and copper, warm creamy blonde, chestnut, vibrant color washes, etc. are perfect colors to complement the coming fall season. Whether you are looking for a complete change of color or just highlights, you will find some inspiration here.

Root Melt or the visible roots is the hair color style that will be popular this fall. It is nothing but darker roots with any hair color. It adds a little depth to the face. It looks cool and so stylish on Rachel McAdams. It’s a look that will work with any shade.


A classic brunette is sometimes underrated, and now stepping into fall we are going to see the classic shades of brown. We are loving the warm shades of brown on Salma Hayek.


Chunky highlights are making waves as some celebrities are showing off their freshly colored hair on social media. Where some people want to go muted and sober there are some who want a complete change of color and style, because life is short. The chunky highlights just around the face look pretty and attractive, while it is also low maintenance. Beyoncé looks fabulous in this hairdo.


Warm Creamy blonde has been repeating its appearance on various social media. The blend of shiny blonde and with some warm honey tones thrown in looks absolutely gorgeous on Reese Witherspoon.


Reds are super fun for fall 2020. Red is the most loved color for fall time. It is a fun color that will take you back to the 90s. There are so many celebrity actors rocking this color this season. If you are not comfortable with full-on red hair you can always go for a balayage with shades of warm browns and add a few red streaks that blend in. It looks gorgeous and trendy.


These are some of the super trending hair colors for fall 2020. We hope you have got some inspiration as to which color you want to rock this season. Are you going for a completely new look or just want to opt for the natural-looking and low maintenance hair? It is up to you to decide.  

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